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Thursday, August 5, 2010

September - Until I Die (Dave Ramone Remix)

"Four years after her big breakthrough with the smash hit ”Satellites” September continues to rule the international charts. ”Cry for you” went top 10 in more than 15 countries and kept the #1 position at Billboard Dance Radio Airplay for three weeks. In the UK the single sold 250 000 copies, worldwide close to 1.5 million. Ever since her debut single “La la la (Never give it up)” in 2003, Swedish singer and dancing queen Petra Marklund has worked together with songwriter and producer Jonas van der Burg and the two songwriters Niclas van der Burg and Anoo Bhagavan. Together they have continued to follow-up one hit with another without repeating themselves and without losing their audience. September has become a reliable provider of the catchiest pop and dance tunes you can imagine.
 ”The four of us have stuck to the formula, which makes it easier for the audience to understand what September is about. We love to work with each other. Of course there are conflicts sometimes, but in the end we are still a team”, she explains.
Today September is one of Sweden’s biggest musical exports. Earlier this year she was nominated for the government’s music export prize together with Björn and Benny (ABBA). The international success means that Petra spends a lot of time in airports, usually far away from home. It is a lifestyle that does not fit everyone, but for her it is the only life she knows – and she loves it. When other artists move to the country to have some rest in-between shows and recordings Petra will spend the following year in London. With all the travelling it is more convenient to live in the UK, but that is not the only reason she is packing her bags.
She says that meeting new audiences and travelling the world has helped her grow as an artist. ”When I started doing shows abroad I was allowed to do my thing full on. Back home in Sweden people would probably be shocked by my live show,” she laughs. Putting on a memorable live show is important to this 24-year-old who loves touring as much as she enjoys singing and dancing. She also designs the clothes she wears on stage and likes to be involved in every step of the process. ”I was meant to do this”, she says. And seeing her touring and conquering Russia, Canada, Australia, Britain and USA we have to believe her.
Already at the age of ten Petra (yes, she was born in September) started planning her career. She took dancing lessons, sang all kinds of music and did all she could to prepare herself for a life on stage. There was never an alternative, never any doubts. She was determined to become a popstar – and a few years later she became one. At the age of 20 she received a Grammy in Sweden for Best Club/Dance-album of 2005 with “In orbit”. The same year platinum selling “Satellites” was the most played song on national radio in Sweden. It also reached #1 in the Spanish charts and was given a prize for Hit of The Year at the ESKA Music Awards in Poland. She even found herself at a higher position than long-time favourite Kylie Minogue  as “Cry for you” landed a spot at the Billboard hot 100.
Now, after all the success she has experienced, the 24-year-old singer no longer needs to prove anything to anyone.She was meant to do this." Article source:

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