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Monday, August 2, 2010

Eagles - Hotel California (DJ Nil Remix)

"The main mission of DJ Nil consists of style house propagation in its most various displays: jazz, funk, Latino, dub, disco, pump, and electro. Nil is the honorable trailblazer and guide of the Russian clubbers in speed garage and big beat styles.
Nil is the indisputable champion among domestic masters of the music deck, whose name is known to each modern dance music fan with self-esteem. By autumn 2004, Nil had been performing as a DJ for almost 20 years! Within this period of time Nil has released 15 albums with his own mixes, has toured all around Russia and the CIS countries: Astana, Kiev, Kharkov, Riga, Simferopol, Novosibirsk, Pskov, Novgorod, Petrozavodsk, Helsinki, Omsk (among other places); has participated in such well-known international festivals as Ministry of Sound, Каzаntip, DJ Parade, Eastern Impact, Assembly Point (Ukraine), just to name a few. He performed on stage with the American House DJ Marshal Jefferson, the English DJ Justin Robertson, the famous Dutch Alex van Ostrum, the well-known Dr. Kucho, Steve Murano, Narkotic Thrust, Globals DJ’s, it is impossible to mention them all.
DJ Nil is capable to steam up the widest audience. He performs both within the limits of nightclubs and on broadcasting open spaces with equal success.
DJ Nil reacts to all new things, but he never forgets about the old ones; his dance sets quite often create mad furor among inveterate night clubbies. He is capable of driving the public to extreme ecstasy, skillfully adding gold tracks of 80’s and 90’s to ultramodern rhythms.
DJ Nil is the creator of the hit Animals, which conquered the country and became a super-hit in clubs. At Soyuz label in summer of 2005, his album DJ Nil and X-Mode, remixes and his own compositions was released. It became one of the sales leaders in the country. In 2005 Nil was awarded the premium "Energy Mega Dance" and the nominee of “MTV 2005 Premiums.” In 2006, he was the winner of “MusTV 06 Premium.” DJ Nil in September 2006, together with DJ Antonio, created the project Monster DJs, their single Joe Dassen Rules was broadcast by all leading radio stations in the country. In 2008 he is planning to release his author's Monsters album. DJ Nil’s well-known remixes, such as Night Rendezvous, Star Summer, Departed Forever, continue the victorious parade on the dancing grounds of the country.
DJ Nil is considered one of the top DJs in all Russia." Article source:

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