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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Deepcentral - Music Makes Me Free (Extended Mix)

Music Therapy For Drug and Alcohol Rehab

"When an addict enters drug and alcohol rehab, it is very likely that both the spirit and body are in need of support and help. Music has a soothing effect and with the help of its magical qualities, addicts can easily deal with withdrawal symptoms. Music is a powerful ally and helps in repairing of the psychological and emotional damages as a result of dependence on drug and alcohol. Music, which has an ideal effect on the spirit and body of the addicts, constitutes a very essential part of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation therapy. There are a number of benefits associated with music in drug and alcohol rehab programs:
Use of music in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs forms a crucial part of the modern holistic treatment. The effects of music on the mind and body are rooted in science. On the basis of research conducted over the years, it has been found that the rhythm and pitch of music and sound waves have a tremendous impact on the human brain. On the basis of a research conducted by the Stanford University, music with strong beats stimulates the human brain. This is turn causes brain waves in the human mind to resonate with the rhythm. If the beats are slow, it is said to create slow brain waves which are associated with meditative states and hypnotism. Music with faster beats enhances concentration and makes the mind even more alert.

The residents of drug and alcohol rehab have been reported to receive considerable solace and peace of mind with musical therapies. The soothing tunes of music taps in the psyche and resonates with the addict. The recovering patient can embrace their thoughts, feelings, ideas and their personal life experiences and thereby express rather than suppress their individual selves. Music therapy shows recovering adults that the unearthly sensations can be positive; this constitutes a very constructive part of their life without dependence on drug and alcohol. There are private guitar lessons and classes held regularly in the drug and alcohol rehab which help the recovering addicts express themselves in their own slow pace.
Residents can also take interest in playing musical instruments as an added motivation. This way, they learn about the art of working hard which will help them reach their goals. These are some valuable lessons learnt for allowing the patients regain sobriety and enter a normal life. This constitutes a very important step when you are embarking on the road to long term recovery. An addict who himself benefited from the music therapy accepted that playing music helped him develop a positive bent of mind; he went out with friends and started socializing like before. Music was fun and this way, he could keep himself engaged. If you love to play guitar, as an addict, you can now hope to develop your playing skills further. Even scientists admit that music has a healing quality and it is a proven fact that it improves and enriches quality of life of the addicted patients." Article source:

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