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Monday, August 30, 2010

Ryan & Radu - Rush Love (Darone Remix)

Aphrodisiacs That Really Work

"The term aphrodisiac may leave you thinking about some little old woman cooking up a love potion in her kitchen, then bottling it up for the lovelorn. In truth, aphrodisiacs such as pheromones can stimulate the senses but will not induce desire in someone otherwise disinterested. We have provided a list of aphrodisiacs that work below and hope they help you as much as they have helped us.


From the booming popularity of the perfume industry, you would think that they had cornered the market on topical aphrodisiacs. To a degree they have, perfume is often created by mimicking the hormones, called pheromones, responsible for attraction. Pheromones are chemicals found in all animals, insects, and people. From Greek words that mean to excitement carrier, pheromones have been the subject of research for a long time. Human pheromones, which carry a lot of weight in the field of love research, may create sexual interest. Pheromones send out subconscious signals to the opposite sex that naturally trigger romantic feelings. Human Pheromones can improve one's sex life!
In a study done by 20/20 in which twins were placed in a nightclub one sprayed with manufactured pheromones and one with witch hazel, the twin with pheromones was approached three times as often as the other.


We all know that scent can trigger memories and emotion but can it also be an aphrodisiac? In physical studies done by Alan Hirsch MD, several scents had a direct impact on sexual arousal. This arousal was detected by measuring blood flow to a person’s erogenous zones, the findings were interesting. In men the scent of cheese pizza, buttered popcorn, pumpkin pie and lavender all showed significant increase in blood flow to the penis the latter two a whopping 40% increase.
For women the scents of lavender and pumpkin pie were also effective however, the most increase came from the scent of licorice and cucumber. Try to find that combination at bath and body works.


When chocolate was first used by the Aztecs, it was thought to have aphrodisiac properties, men were more invigorated and women less inhibited. This has led to chocolate being considered the candy of love, it is even rumored that Casanova ate it before his many conquests.
Modern day research has shown that chocolate contains mood-lifting agents found naturally in the human body. The release of these mood enhancers causes a person to feel euphoric and happy, like one does when they fall in love. Therefore, while it is not a direct aphrodisiac, it can boost your mood and increase stamina, which is always great precursor to romantic activity.


Turn the lights low and put on some Barry White and it is going to be a romantic evening for two. Long has been the belief that music can act as an aphrodisiac. Music can set the tone for a romantic evening however it leans more to taste and memory than the music itself.
What is or is not an aphrodisiac will vary from person to person according to any memories they may have of the song and whether or not they like the particular genre. For a person who does not care for the soulful sounds of Barry White the music could be a non-starter.
That being said there is evidence of music affecting overall mood, calm soothing music tends to relax us while the strains of Metallica will get your blood pumping angrily in a moment. The best idea is to talk to your partner about how a particular music makes them feel and choose your soundtrack accordingly.


Wine is an alcoholic drink that taken in moderation can be a type of aphrodisiac. Wine relaxes the mind and the body, which releases the stress of the day and allows for more pleasant thoughts and ideas. It is hard to be romantic if you are nervous or worried about a promotion at work. A couple of glasses of wine can overcome these obstacles, leaving you free to enjoy each other. Do not overdo it though, or all you will manage is a good night’s sleep and a headache in the morning.

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