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Monday, August 23, 2010

Delyno & Looloo - Private Love (Original Mix)

Touch Screens In Djs Equipment

"About this touchy feely gesture based touch screen malarky. Having put on my thinking cap, I'm now watching the recent videos with mixed emotions. Obviously It's massively impressive with a heap of wow factor and an incredible scope for flexibility. But I wonder if anyone can see where this could logically end up yet? Keep reading.
Computer DJing has been around for ages. But the one thing that did come out of the first wave was that DJs liked to have physical controls, rather than moving virtual knobs with a mouse - hence the birth of the MIDI controller market. Hardware manufacturers have since been spewing out box after box, and very much tube riding the recession wave - and largely coming out in one piece.

Possible and very scary scenario

This whole idea could lead to a scary conclusion - the death of the traditional DJ hardware market. Technology always gets cheaper. Large touch screens may well be space age and expensive now, but in a couple of years, they will be mainstream and affordable by everyone. Buying a DJ setup will be more about going down to your nearest Comet or Best Buy and picking out a touch screen (small or large) and downloading layouts for Traktor Touch Pro or Serato Swipe Live from touch DJ communities. Scary thought isn't it? And before you kneejerk with "it'll never happen", people said CDJs, DVS and MIDI controllers would never catch on either.
Hardware manufacturers need to start planning for the future, because this quite possibly is the future. Clubs will love this sort of thing. Instead of pumping craploads of cash into whatever Pioneer's latest species is, they simply install touch screen systems and let the DJ upload whatever layouts they like. Messy DJ changeovers will be a thing of the past, with the added benefit of being highly visual for the punter as well. Samsung and LG will become DJ brand names. The irony is Pioneer got out of the flat screen market last year.
I see a new age coming - one that could have massive implications for the scene, considerably beyond what I first though. That is, if it's right for DJs of course - and watching this video shows me that the next generation of DJs brought up in a touch screen world of iPhones and iPads will be more than happy to transfer those small screen skills to a bigger one.
Most likely sane outcome
I temper this scary but highly possible vision of future DJing with an alternative and more probable scenario. I've already mentioned the rise of the controller and the need for DJs to have physical controls. This alone could mean that conventional hardware is safe and will continue to evolve into new styles that could simply incorporate touch technology. Indeed, the turntable is still likely to see off most DJ technologies. Beyond touch screen are Minority Report style holographic ones, but DJs with still want to spin vinyl as well. Neuro DJing anyone? I'll still want to bust 3 click chirp flares on vinyl even then.
It's easy to view each successive wave of technology as the great usurper. Remember how samplers and synths were going to take over and destroy the music industry? I look at top 40 and see a chart full of bands rocking guitars and drums. MIDI controllers haven't wiped turntables of the face of the DJ map either. Let's not talk about "instead of" and think "as well as". There's no reason why all these technologies can't be used together and compliment each other to provide a richer DJ experience.
But there's no denying that for that wow factor when you walk into a club, seeing touch screens in action and having it projected to every corner of the dance floor and bar is not to be sniffed at. Ideally, instead of internet commentards telling you that technology X is for toys and technology Y is for fossils, the DJ booth will simply become a big technology melting pot where nothing is excluded, and 50" touch screens will become standard fixtures alongside turntables. All styles of DJs are catered for, and importantly nothing is excluded.
Brace yourselves - the next 5-10 years are going to be interesting. And I'll still be reporting the future shock for you dear reader. Although it might be uploaded directly via the neuronet instead of through a computer screen." Article source:

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