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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Juliet & Romeos - Give Into My Love (Extended, Snoop Dogg Mashup)

Types of Keyboards and Synthesizers

"There are a number of different types of keyboards available in the market. If you are some one who wants to make a complete orchestra single handedly, then a portable electronic keyboard can be a good choice. You can not only carry them along anywhere and everywhere, they also have features like multi instrument sounds, built in speakers and different kind of rhythms. Some of the more advanced keyboards also have something called sampling capabilities which gives you a feature to record your music and playback for a sample. However, if you really are more seriously into making your music then there are much advanced and robustly featured electronic keyboards that must be considered.
Apart from electronic keyboards there are also synthesizers that are more technologically advanced than the regular keyboards. A sampler with digital sound recording capabilities is almost a must with them.

Then there are something known as a workstation that are like a complete studio packed in one device. The workstations come with highly advanced features like samplers, rhythms and percussion etc. You really would not need even a single additional instrument if you are on a work station to create any kind of music.
Some electronic keyboards also have MIDI or Musical Instrument Digital Interface capability that lets them get connected and communicate with other computers or any kind of electronic instrument. If you are a piano lover and can not indulge in the real thing, you can always go for a digital piano which is lower at costs and highly portable too. It can be used by professional musicians because of it quite advanced features and technology.

Features to Consider

The standard that you will get from most of the electronic keyboards is 128 of acoustic and electronic instruments and at least 47 prerecorded sounds. These prerecorded sounds are the basic rhythms that you get for different types of music. More advanced keyboards will naturally come with much advanced music features. You can also use the many digital effects featured to really jazz up your music through chorus, delay or increased or decreased pitch.
With so much of basic knowledge on selecting a Computer Keyboards, you are sure to find a right music maker for yourself and start getting constructive and creative with it!"
Article source:, written by Vinnit Alex. All rights reserved to the specified author and website.

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