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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kirsty Hawkshaw - Reasons To Forgive (Blizzard Remix)

""Kirsty Hawkshaw has well over 50 collaborations to her name. It's possible that the actual number is twice that. Her voice is unmistakable to anyone who has obsessed over even two songs she's worked on. Outside of vocals, she has created an ambient release called "The Ice Castle" and created a now legendary persona on the virtual environment Second Life. " - Lamat Kan.
Kirsty Hawkshaw is a female Dance/Electronica/House/Ambient/Drum and Bass/ Artist, photographer and songwriter who is known for her signature atmospheric vocals.
Hawkshaw was born in London, England in March 1969 and is the daughter of British Disco producer Alan Hawkshaw (of Love De-Luxe with Hawkshaw’s Discophonia fame; they had a #1 disco hit on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1979 with “Here Comes That Sound Again”. He later went on to compose the famous theme music for the British television game show Countdown, and also wrote the original Grange Hill theme tune Chicken Man). It was through her father and her German Grandmother who was an Opera singer and stage performer and her love for dance music that would inspire Kirsty to pursue a career in music.
Kirsty started recording sounds and her own vocal recordings at the age of 3 years old after her Father gave her a tape recorder. 
Kirsty is also venturing into the sublime world of liquid Drum and Bass and in 2010 plans to release some collaborative releases with the only Ambient Drum and Bass producer currently in existence 'Paradox' aka Alaska on stunning White Vinyl. She also had a release in Feb 2010 with Sweden's Seba with 'The Joy', and Devotions, and they are currently working on a follow up single to 'The Joy'. But while her voice continues to soar in many dance hits around the world, Kirsty has been creating a different kind of music in her home studio. Her style is ambient electronica with no or minimalist vocals, that is serene, innocent and sublime.
The ambient side of Kirsty started with "Pulusha," a collaboration with Global Communication's Mark Pritchard in the 1990's. Her extraordinary talent has evolved further over the years, enhanced by live performances, recording sessions, and solo studio excursions. 
2010 will no doubt be an exciting year, she has a track on BT's new album 'Million Stars' on 'These Hopeful Machines and she will also be touring with Chapterhouse and Ulrich Schnauss in Japan and the States,. Kirsty and Ulrich plan to release their album sometime in the late Autumn. The album has been 3 years in the making and they have not in a rush to finish the album and have been working on it independently and off their own backs." Article source:

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