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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jay Ko & Anya - One (Andeeno Damassy Remix)

Music Importance In Workout

"From the introduction of aerobic dance in the early 70's, it has generally been regarded that exercise accompanied with great music can enhance your overall workout experience. Listening to music while you exercise may improve your fitness, commitment, and enjoyment. According to doctors and researchers, you can increase your motivation and concentration and decrease your conscious effort when you exercise by simply adding great music to your work out.
Studies have shown that listening to music during exercise can improve results, both in terms of being a motivator (people exercise longer and more vigorously to music) and as a distraction from negatives like fatigue. Researches revealed that more positive affect of a workout is observed during the music condition in comparison to the ‘no music' condition. Here are some benefits of playing music while working out:
  • Music diverts a person's attention in repetitive exercises thus the feeling of fatigue, exhaustion and boredom are evaded. 
  • Music can reduce the factors contributing to pain, tension, anxiety and discomfort.
  • Music can act as a stimulant which can increase your performance. Respiration and cardiac rate is increased from music. This can help you intensify your workout. 

  • The body movement to rhythm of music increases levels of output. 
  • The rhythmical qualities can follow the physical skills and can improve motor skills. Swimming and gymnastics are good examples of this.
  • Physical strength can also be attributed with type of music. Sedative music decreases muscular potential training ability. Fast stimulating music can increase in muscle tension.
  • It promotes a positive mood and avoids any kind of negative thoughts.
  • It can make a workout fun, interesting and something to look forward too.
Points to Remember while playing music:

  • Shuffle the music on a regular basis. Avoid any predictable or boring music.
  • Keep the volume level at a respectable setting. Avoid loud noise music as it may lead to hearing damage. If one is jogging on public road, stay safe by being aware of other noises such as traffic or warning signals.
  • Do not use music as an excuse to push your body beyond its limitations. Be aware of signs of excessive fatigue, pain, or strain to keep your body healthy. 
  • Try to purchase a music strap so that your music player is hooked to it. Don't carry it in your hand.
  • Don't waste precious workout time on finding the right track. Customize your playlist before starting the workout.
The best music while working out is a subjective issue. Play the one you like! Whether you like rap, rock, or R&B, the right workout songs can make your exercise regimen a stimulating experience rather than a painful chore, and you'll quickly find yourself moving to the beat of a healthier lifestyle."

Article source: All credits to the author(s) in the specified source. 

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