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Monday, August 9, 2010

Envio - For You (Blizzard Remix)

"Ashkan Fardost has Persian roots but was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Music has always been a large part of Ashkan’s life and for as long as he can remember he has been influenced by sounds and melodies. His early passion for music and musicians was obvious and at the tender age of 5 he became amazed by the works of Jean Michel Jarre.
He soon got his first keyboard and for the following 6 years Ashkan was classically trained, playing the piano and developing his musical skills. When he turned 14 he discovered electronic dance music and was immediately caught by its energy and diversity. He soon began making music with tools like FastTracker, but after a short period he felt like he needed something more. This is when he moved on to revolutionary new software called Reason 1.0, and it was also an important step towards where he is today!

Ashkan’s skills evolved fast and he soon expanded his list of favourite equipment including Cubase, VST’s and other tools. For the very fist time he could now create the music he wanted, and this soon paid off! It all started when he got his track “Touched By The Sun” signed to Armin van Buuren’s new label Armada, which was followed by another signing with top label United Recordings and an opportunity to produce a track together with super producer Sven Maes, a track that soon got signed to ID&T and later on chosen for the official theme of Trance Energy 2004." Article source:

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