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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Irene Nelson - Sunrise (Fonzerelli Piano Club Mix)

"Just as the mythic Phoenix rising out of ashes symbolizes the rebirth of a soul, it is not a coincidental symbolic theme that signifies the state in which Irene Nelson currently finds herself. This exotic Siberian songbird has risen from a successful career as lead vocal of Reflex band, Russia’s biggest chart and sales topping act, to begin life as a solo artist in a new land. Already receiving rave reviews from early believers, Nelson’s debut single and video, “Sunrise” (NTMG/Bungalo/Universal) is winning hearts stateside via thousands of hits on her and You Tube sites.
Recorded at George Martin’s legendary Air Studios in London, and produced by Steve Orchard (U2, ColdPlay, Peter Gabriel, Dido) and Russian music producer Vlad Tyurin (Reflex), “Sunrise” is as aurally stunning as the video is visually striking. The song metaphorically tells the story of a love affair that survives the everyday challenges of love lost and won: “…they set fire to our wings as we rise from the ashes and flames.” Nelson’s lyrics are reminiscent of great songwriters of the past; marrying the story-telling skills of Carol King and Diane Warren, and the emotion and passion of her favorite artists, Yann Destal, U2, the Beatles and Sting.
The mention of Siberia conjures a vision of a vast frozen tundra, and home of the legendary Trans Siberian Railroad. But for Irene Nelson, her homeland is a lushly forested place of warmth, culture and beauty…where a respect for nature and its animals are taught at a young age: “On my Grandmother’s farm we were taught subtle senses and delicate treatment of nature and to love and give care to animals,” Irene explains. “I don’t eat meat of birds and animals and I’m still thinking that the ancient people were right when they asked for forgivness before killing an animal for their needs.” This gentleness, love and respect of nature and all living things has become a recurrent theme in Irene’s music.
 The theme of trial by fire, rebirth and redemption has been constant in Nelson’s life: born in a poor village in Siberia, the difficulty of being deprived of much during her childhood has implanted resilience deep in Nelson’s psyche. Upon completing high school, Nelson said: “I wanted to pursue musical education, and had to quietly escape away from my parents to the capital of Siberia, Novosibirsk. I didn’t know any one when I arrived, and I had no money, so I would go door-to-door seeking shelter,” Irene explains. “I was accepted to one of the universities to study piano composition and theory, but I was too poor to afford to rent a piano, so I drew a keyboard   on paper, and would unroll my “piano” and practice daily.” Joining a jazz/big band after finishing school, Nelson spent the next few years touring Europe, participating in festivals and winning various awards.
Irene continued touring with her jazz band untill she met songwriter/producer Vlad Tyurin. A legend among Russia’s musical elite, Tyurin has made his mark as one of the most outstanding and distinguished composers and sound-producers in Russia. Creator and producer of one of Europe’s hottest and biggest-selling pop acts, Reflex, Tyurin has written many songs for other artists and worked closely with Reflexmusic record label which released Paul Van Dyk, the Reflex albums, and The Bhangra Knights project. In 2007, he has produced for one of the most successful German groups “System in Blue”. Tyurin invited Nelson to collaborate with him on a dance project, and Reflex was born. Working with such musicians as the German hit-maker Dj Bobo, System in Blue, Secret Service, Dj Freza, Dj Voodoo, and Great Britain band The Bhangra Knights, Tyurin, created out of Irene, the most successful group of Russia, the band released 8 albums and successfully toured Europe, the U.S. and Asia.
 For 4 years Reflex became the most outstanding dance project on the Russian pop-stage and winning an amazing amount of musical awards, including 3 Russian Grammy Awards: 2004 “Dvizhenie” (The Movement premium) for best video “Non Stop”. In 2006, Reflex was awarded the giant Svarovsky Crystal for Russia’s most fashionable artist on Fashion TV. 2002 “Golden Gramophone” (Russian Grammy premium) for “Soyti s uma” (“I lose my mind”) like Song of the Year; 2002 “Pesnya goda” (Song of the Year premium) for “Perviy raz” (“For the First Time”) like Song of the Year/Debut of the Year; 2001 “Ovation” premium for Best Composer (“I lose my mind”) and 2000 “Muzikalny Podium” (Music Podium premium) award for the most fashionable achievements made in music to name just a few, and 2007 “Golden Gramophone” (Russian Grammy premium) for “Tanzy” (“Dances”).
In 2007 Nelson and Reflex were at the pinnacle of their success. Not only was Irene Nelson named “FHM Magazine’s Top 100 Sexiest Women on the Planet,” but Reflex would go on to win their 3rd Golden Gramophone for a recurring hit: “Dances.” It was during the acceptance speech that Nelson stunned the worldwide audience by announcing her departure from the group. Nelson elaborates: “I had been feeling unfulfilled, I needed to grow and to evolve, and I knew that the only way I could do so would be to leave. I went to a lovely mountain retreat in the United Arab Emirates. I lived completely alone for 2 months, completely cut off from the world with no electricity or running water. I practiced meditation and lived in total quiet. When I returned from my retreat, I was better equipped with a new form of self-expression that I like to call romantic rock.”
After Irene returned, Vlad was invited to work for a large producing studio in Dubai. It was there where he began to work on a new sound for Irene, and they began to invent a new project. After two years of work in the Dubai’s studio, they went to London to record the album, and then to Sweden, to shoot their first video for the song “Sunrise” with the legendary director Niclas Fronda. Nicals suggested to shoot the video in Iceland, and after seeing the set on the cold gloomy beach, Irene immediately agreed.
“Sunrise,” the accompanying video was filmed in a 50-room 14th Century castle in Sweden and on Iceland’s black-sand volcanic beaches boasts one of the most scenic and jaw-dropping panorama shots and awe-inspiring special effects. Working with director Niclas Fronda (Bjork, Rasmus) was a creative coup for Nelson. [quote from Irene regarding shooting the video]. With shots of Iceland’s visually stunning vistas, thrill-ride helicopter shots accompanying Nelson’s sweet, lyrical voice, “Sunrise will quickly become one of the most viewed videos in 2009." Article source:

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