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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Delerium - Silence (Kostas B. Remix)

"Kostas B. is a 17 year old composer/producer. It all started already at the age of 6, in Greece. His favorite hobby was to record and mix down music from the radio to tapes, he did that almost every day. Since little kid he liked pop-disco music. Next year, 1998, he begun to take piano lessons. That didn't go so far and after a year he quit. After 3,5 years, at the age of 10, did Kostas B. and his family move to Sweden. There bought his parets a present to him, a nice computer and a Internet connection. Since then everything happened, he begun to listen to Trance music and Dance music, like Tiesto, Above and Beyond, Underdog Project, Bob Sinclair, Benny Benassi and many more. He got curious if there was any mixing programs on Internet so he searched on Google and found Traktor DJ Studio. When he got that, he directly started to mix.
Some months later he noticed that mixing was nothing for him. He felt more like composing his own music! He thought it would be impossible first but when he found Fruity Loops did everything change. He saw that he had a chance to go forward with it. So he begun to make his first Trance loops. After composing 3 years with Fruity Loops, he decided to try any other program. Under these years he composed music genres like HipHop, Trance and House until he decided to only compose House/Electro music in future. So he got Ableton Live, bought a studio microphone, a sound card and a keyboard that he had since he was little. First he had no clue how to use Ableton and it seemed very complicated, but after some time he learned how to record and put some samples. The time passed and he learned more and more. He liked it so he decided to use it in future. Now five years has passed since he made his first sounds and only one thing is for sure... many more will pass!" Article source: Kostas B. on MySpace.

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