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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Brisby & Jingles - L'amour Toujours (Miami Rockers Remix)

Clubbing Special Light Effects

"Dance clubs are hotter than ever and millions of people can be found in nightclubs that offer disco decor and music for their customers each weekend.
The music may have changed a little since disco clubs first burst on the scene in the 1970s, but the disco lighting and lounge decor has changed dramatically. Disco light effects today light up the entire room and allow the lighting to work in time with the music. This is also done through LED lighting panels that can be put anywhere and lighting software that can allow the DJ to control the lights while playing the music.
While DJ music was popular as far back as the 1970s, the lighting decor in nightclubs was mostly very dark. The floor would often be lighted with recessed lighting that surrounded the dance floor, but the night club decor of the day was very dark. This saved on energy as the lights in the floor that reflected off of the mirrored disco ball that hung on top or strobe lighting effects cost enough money for the club owner.
Today, everything from the nightclub furniture to bar design has been modified in night clubs throughout the world to make them more accessible and allow for the maximum number of people to fit in while still being comfortable. The one thing that has changed the most, however, is the disco light effects. This includes floor lighting, ceiling lighting and DJ lighting equipment. Most of the disco lighting that is being used today consists of LED lighting that is more energy efficient as well as much more state of the art when it comes to colors, images and design than the recessed lighting that was used on the disco floors long ago.
A night club owner today ca find DMX controlled LED lighting that is used for the lounge decor, bar design and all around club lighting, in addition to the dance floor. You will find that the LED space panel will allow the walls of your club to light up and reflect images as can the DMX controlled LED ceiling. No more do you have to rely on a mirrored ball to reflect light from the ceiling - you can have an LED pixel ceiling that is controlled by lighting control software.
The dance floor no longer has to have recessed lighting or strobe lights in order to come alive when you get a video dance floor. The video dance floor is an LED dance floor that will move in time with the music. And the wall lighting can also be controlled with lighting control software when you use an LED equalizer panel, LED space panel or LED disco pane bubble panel.
The DJ stage lighting has also changed and moved with the times. Nightclubs that are built today are much lighter and brighter than the dark clubs of yesterday. Today, the nightclubs can be alight with disco lighting and sound that is controlled by you or the DJ playing the music. You can finally let the light in your club with the new disco decor."

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Carl said...

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