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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Remady P&R - No Superstar (CS-Jay Remix)

"With his single “NO Superstar” REMADY achieved his absolute break through in Europe! Lasting for months in the charts for example in Switzerland 1 over 8 weeks, Germany 4, Norway 1 for over 4 months in a row, Denmark 1 over 6 weeks und many more. In Denmark REMADY gained the desired GOLD-Award for over 15'000 sold records.
The US and UK got an eye on REMADY and the „NO Superstar“ track after his success in Europe. The biggest US dance label ULTRA RECORDS signed REMADY and released the single in America. The famous UK label NEWSTATE/NEBULA (Tiesto, Guru Josh, etc.) released the single in England.
The official music video on YOUTUBE has already been viewed over 10 Mio times (without major label). „NO Superstar“ is all over Europe on over 100 compilations to hear.
The original voice of the successfull track „NO Superstar“ is MANU-L, singer of the band MYRON. REMADY and MANU-L have a special show case ready that you should check out! Along with REMADY’s inventive DJ-Set are tracks like „NO Superstar“, „Need2Say“, the new single “Give me a SIGN” as well as „This Time“ & “Underneath” (Dj Antoine), live performed."

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