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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vicente Belenguer & T. Tommy feat Delerium - After All

Music Producer - Suitable For You?

"Music producers are the individuals who create compositions, from instrumentals to the latest Top 40 hits. Music production has become the backbone of success for most musicians that have excelled in the music industry. The production aspect of music is almost as lucrative as the internal publishing and distribution.

Few steps for a good start point

You' ll need a personal recording studio before trying below suggestions:
  • Incorporate your own personal recording studio. A personal recording studio opens many doors for gaining revenue. You can opt to rent your studio out, engineer recordings for vocalists or only produce tracks. All of these avenues create revenue, which enables you to invest back into your studio.  
  • Build your repertoire. Nothing helps music producers more than diversity. A wide range of music along with experience with several genres of music expands the horizon of any production platform. It opens doors for innovation along with the cultivation of new concepts and ideas. Many producers have gained a lot of eclectic success with a wide repertoire alone. 
  • Market your product. This requires deciding on a target market. Your target market consists of the listeners you plan to cater to. Whether your target market is alternative, children, teens or urban, make sure you are catering to that market. Too many changes can confuse consumers. Stick with one target market and branch out after you have established a name for yourself.  
  • Advertise yourself. Music producers are human advertisements. The clothes you wear all the way down to how you carry yourself are all essential to personal advertisement. For example, if you specialize in urban music, dress that way. Hang fliers, build a website, give sample discs away and even opt to give away tracks. Your focus is being heard. Your music is your credibility, therefore it speaks for you. Do whatever it takes to make people hear it.
  • Sell your music. Today's marketing platform is equipped with several avenues for executing sales. This can either be done online or by marketing at local clubs, mixers or publicity gatherings. 
Don't forget to keep an eye on some basic rules:
  • Networking is a strong key to success in becoming a music producer. Make sure you communicate with lots of people to gain rapport with musicians, producers and possibly artist and repertoire directors. Some of the greatest success in the music industry was derived solely from social networking.
  • Use the Internet to you advantage if you can. The Internet can be a strong marketing platform if you use it effectively. (See Resources.)
  • Always invest in yourself. When you make a profit, invest it into yourself, your studio and your business. Due to the ever-changing status of today's music industry, technology and other innovations directed toward creation and marketing, you must keep up with these changes. This ensures that your music quality stays inline with society and the target market.
  • Always copyright your productions. This ensures that your music, concept or initial idea is not stolen, used or distributed without your consent. If actions transpire without your consent, it will be quite difficult and tedious to take action to rectify the problem."
Article source:, written under Creative Commons License.

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