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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe (Dean Cohen Remix)

"The song "Cotton Eyed Joe" is believed to have descended from the South before the American Civil War. It became a popular folk song throughout the nation during the late 1800s. With the advent of electronic recording, the song gained even more notoriety and influenced a number of artists to record the track. Its popularity peaked with the release of a dance version by the group Rednex.
In 1925, Dorothy Scarborough recorded a version of "Cotton Eyed Joe." Because the origins of the song pre-date the Civil War, a number of different sections of the country had different lyrics. She assembled many of these different parts into one cohesive song.
 "Cotton Eyed Joe" was made famous as a recorded song by Adolph Hofner and His San Antonians. Columbia issued the recording in 1941.
 With the 1980 release of the film "Urban Cowboy," western-style line dancing became popularized. As part of this movement, "Cotton Eyed Joe" became very fashionable. The song's dance featured a number of traditional moves along with arm linking.
The song was again made popular in 1994 by a Swedish dance group, Rednex. Combining electric sounds with traditional instruments, the banjo, fiddle and harmonica used in the track were all synthesized.
Beginning in the 2008 to 2009 season, the Florida Panthers hockey team began to utilize the song. At the Bank Atlantic Center, a man dressed as a cowboy danced to the song in the middle of the ice rink for onlooking fans."

Article source:, written by Jason Chavis. All rights reserved to specified author and website.

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