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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vibers & Connect-R - Free Your Mind (DJ Tayna Remix)

Buying The Best Gaming Headphones

"Gaming headphones are specifically designed for high quality audio all without the need for large speakers. Most of them do not look anything like the traditional headphones of the late 20th century, due to their shape, color and, occasionally, wireless nature. Game headphones compliment video games, especially online games (or offline games with online modes). In any given video game situation, gaming headphones are useful for co-operation and taunting.
It is important to know which headphones to choose in this generation, and choosing the right ones can be a difficult task. What users need to know is that there are a variety of gaming headphones, including wireless, USB and bluetooth sets. Whether it be for gaming with a PC, iMac, PS3 or Xbox 360, there are headphones all-round. Users can choose between the standard, default headphones such as the Official PS3 Bluetooth headset or third-party headphones such as the Creative Sound Blaster Arena.

The best gaming headphones, are mostly agreed to be the Creative Sound Blaster Arena. Creative has been the leader in audio, so it is no surprise that the Sound Blaster Arena has been rated as the best in terms of value, sound quality and build quality. Another superior set of headphones is the Sennheiser CX 500 Lightweight Portable Gaming Headphone which is effectively a set of earphones. The earphones are extremely bass-driven and are very effective in silencing unwanted ambience. They also muffle out any other noise and the sound is suppressed from any people who may be nearby doing something else, who may be irritated by the whispers of headphones.
In comparison, the Official PS3 Bluetooth headset, which is the official brand of PS3 gaming headphones, is a one-eared device that connects to the PlayStation 3 system during gameplay, without the need for a receiver or wires. It is very easy to use, has an eight hour battery life and a quick recharge. It can however, pick up unwanted ambient conversations and can be irritable to wear after a while. Wireless gaming headphones can take the stress out of audio in gaming, but can be quite expensive and need to be charged every so often.
PC gaming headphones are generally very high quality, with the ability to improve awareness of surroundings and reaction time. PC headphones with surround sound (all around the headphones) are useful in improving the gaming experience, without the need for an actual 5.1 surround sound system. Sennheiser has a reputation for delivering high-end quality and priced headphones. The Sennheiser gaming headphones can also be an alternative to genuine surround sound due to the look and feel of the headphones.
Headphones for gaming are a necessity for communicative hardcore gamers, especially those who play massively online multiplayer video games and need to collaborate with or taunt other players. Players may also want to chat between games, or in a social networking environment such as PlayStation Home. Whatever the player is into, gaming headphones have them covered."

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