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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Akcent - That's My Name (Da Brozz Remix)

 "Having already been popular in their motherland (Romania), in 2005 Akcent joined the world music field. Their first international single “Kylie”, composed by “Play & Win” and the members of Akcent, was an English version of the song “Dragoste de inchiriat”. In a short period of time “Kylie” attracted attention of many European dance-pop lovers and entered different music charts. This song is still well-remembered and delights spectators during the concerts.
Since fortunate 2005 radio listeners have been following Akcent constantly. The boy-band filled radio air with singles “Jokero”, “French kiss”, “Phonesex”, “King of disco”, “Let’s talk about it”… In 2008 Marius Nedelcu left the group to be a solo singer. Corneliu Ulici became a new member of the band, but after some months he made a choice to leave Akcent and build a career of an actor.
Adrian, Mihai and Sorin continued their work in a form of trio and after a small pause the new wave of fans, attention and love was brought to Akcent by their next hit “Stay with me”, which was also released in two other versions: “On and on” and “Lover’s cry” differing from each other in accordance with preferences of some countries. The popularity of “Stay with me” and the next single “That’s my name” spread to Romania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Turkey, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Cyprus, India, Israel, Malta, Bulgaria, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan.
Akcent videoclips taken together were shown to the users of Youtube about 20 000 000 times and commented by people from all over the world. A big hit in the band career is marked by release of the song and video “Make me shiver (Wanna lick your ear)” and the single “Love stoned”. Their story is still up and going."

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