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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Dennis Price Progressive Mix)

"Dennis Priessen aka Dennis Price was born in 1972 and discovered underground dance music at the age of 10, while having a very musical family, like his granddad played the organ for years in the famous Westerkerk (church) in the old heart of Amsterdam.

In the early 80’s Dennis Price started listening to dance music on radio shows like: Ferry Maats Soul Show and especially Radio Decibel at that time. On these 2 radio stations they started also with a new thing called “mixing” Price was very impressed what you could do with 2 record players and a mixer and because of this Price started also doing this. Then Price started to buy some equipment, Mixer, Tape Deck, Headphone, Record players. And it was then he started to learn mixing, he practised 7 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In the 80’s it was for a lot of people experimental underground music, and there wasn’t a lot of people who followed this scene. But Price liked it a lot, he listened to bands like Afrika Bambaataa, Newcleus, Mantronix, Manparrish and The House Sound Of Chicago and many many more.
When Price was 16 years old he had his own drive-in-show and he started to invest in the digital format (cd players and cd’s) and he thought this will be the future and he was right. So therefore he has a huge digital collection of house music. In the year 1989 he organised his own house parties. When he was 22 he gained a residency in a club in Amsterdam. He was asked a thu times to play in Greece and when he was 27 he moved for a year to Australia and played there in a thu clubs.
Dennis Price decided to do more with his creative spirit, so he started to produce his own house music.
In the year 2005 he decided to do a Pro-Audio & Recording Engineer Study called Soundseminar and finished this top rated study with good results. Now he is a qualified Recording Engineer and has got his own studio called : The TribalWoods Studio.
In 2010 he organised his own party at Queens day and more parties to come in 2010. Early 2010  was the time of Dennis Price releasing about 30 tracks in the style of House / Tech House / Techno / Minimal Techno and progressive .He did some remixes for some Producers, and he worked on a project together with saxophone player Local Hero which is called “THE FUTURE SOUND OF PARADISE”. This album is Written, Mixed and Produced by Dennis Price. Price started producing at the year 2002 and now has about 50 dance tracks & re mixes completed. In the near future he is going to release more albums together with more studio musicians and vocalists.
Dennis Price says :
“In house music you can be yourself, the person you want to be. You can meet great people, and have great parties. It is a way of life for me, and I live this way!"

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