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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crystal Lake - Rega Lifney (Dean Cohen Remix)

"Crystal Lake Are Alex Moerman & Paul Gorbulski.  These two producers who are both in their mid 20's specialize in Hard Dance music. Combining Dance & Ambient elements with Hardstyle, their music is full of life, emotion and power - the perfect formula for their main genre, Happy Hardstyle.
In studio, Alex contributes the beats and the track design. He Used to play the drums and therefore has a great ability in creating the right groove for Crystal Lake's tracks.
Paul is in charge of the melodies and the lyrics. When Paul was a kid he used to play the violin, after training for 1 year he threw the violin against the wall and broke it! Guess that wasn't meant to be. After his unsuccessful violin experience Paul started taking piano lessons, which lasted for 8 years!
It all started in the summer of 1999, when the two cooperated on their first track. Nothing special happened at first but Alex & Paul realized they could work together as a team.
By 2003, they were well acquainted and well on their way. Crystal Lake came up with the huge Israeli dance floor filler "Tutim". The success of this track led to a tour all over Israel on which they obviously left their mark, as the song is still a regular favorite on many DJ turntables today.
After that Paul & Alex realized that they could do the same in Europe, and that's exactly what they are doing now.
Nowadays Crystal Lake work as hard as ever! Finally releasing their first album, “C-lake – We Bring The Joy”, performing live shows & playing DJ sets, doing TV & Radio appearances, recording their monthly show – “Crystal Nation” and of course produce & write new hits!
With productions and collaborations with Nick Kershaw, Rednex, John Marks, Double Agents, Scarlet, Marcie, 4 Strings, Aruna, Fundo, Elena Josepha, Moran David, Sesta, Ethnix, Megara & Lee (Apollo), Rob Mayth and Jan Wayne already under their belt, they are up and running and destined for worldwide success!
Alex & Paul also collaborate in projects such as C-Lake, Sunny Inc, Bar10ders, Pavex, and Global Warming, amongst others."

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