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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dan Balan - Justify Sex (Pytter Jay Dee Extended Mix)

"Born in Moldova and currently living in New York,  Dan is a precocious talents as a singer, songwriter and producer.
Performing across a range of musical genres from an early age, in 1999 Dan played a pivotal role in establishing the eurodance trio O-Zone. As the frontman and the creative force driving the writing and production, Dan led O-Zone to worldwide success.
Having released their first album in 1999, O-Zone achieved worldwide success through a series of hit singles such as ‘Despre Tine’ and ‘Dragostea Din Tei’. ‘Dragostea Dei Tei’ reached #1 in over 30 countries worldwide, hit #3 in the UK sales chart and went on sold over 12,000,000 copies worldwide. It was the one of the best selling singles throughout Europe and Japan in 2004 and 2005 respectively and was covered by over 200 artists in 14 different languages. O-Zone’s best-selling album - the  multi-platinum ‘DiscOzone’ (2004) – sold over 3,500,000 copies and was hugely successful in Japan.
Following on from the success of O-Zone, Dan Balan subsequently moved to Los Angeles to focus on his solo material. Working alongside producer Jack Joseph Puig, who had previously worked with John Mayer, Sheryl Crow, No Doubt and The Rolling Stones, to produce the record, Balan developed a unique and captivating signature sound for his debut solo album before developing his Crazy Loop alias.
Following the release of several successful singles and an LP under the Crazy Loop moniker, for 2010, Dan is now closely exploring the more mature and sophisticated direction to his writing and is ready to drop his second album as a solo artist and a fresh new smash hit single called ‘Chica Bomb’. Recorded in the U.S. and accompanied by a video directed by Hype Williams, whose previously credits include working on videos for the like of Missy Elliot, Kelis, LL Cool J and Jay Z, ‘Chica Bomb’ is set to be yet another global smash in Dan Balan’s discography.
In addition to his talents in the studio, writing, recording and producing his own music, Dan Balan is also a dynamic and experienced performer. Having toured with O-Zone in the early part of his career, Dan now performs regularly as a solo artist and is currently touring extensively throughout Europe playing shows from Paris to Moscow and Athens. Dan is also making a number of high profile TV appearance in his native Romania and throughout Germany to promote his forthcoming album.
Young, dynamic and talented; Dan Balan has a unique song-writing talent and an enviable discography of hit records but he is only just getting started. With the new ‘Chica Bomb’ single set for mainstream domination, a new artist in the pipeline and a summer of sold-out shows across Europe."

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