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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Claudia Cazacu Ibiza Mix)

As a DJ,  Claudia Cazacu’s sets build from minimal influenced tech-house tracks that progress with expert precision to spine tingling tech trance to destroy dance floors. She can be described as a bright new star based on quality and performance rather than hype.
In music production Claudia embraces all styles of dance releasing refreshing new sounds via her own label ‘Couture’, which has just been signed to the Spinnin’ camp who will now take care of the label management while claudia A&Rs.
Claudia’s ‘Couture’ label has received support from all the major players including Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Sander van Doorn, Above & Beyond, Eddie Halliwell and a received a string of plays from Judge Jules on Radio 1, including the coveted ‘Tried & Tested’ spot.

Her recent productions have been licensed to Dutch super labels Armada & Spinnin Records with massive support from the usual suspects. Armin Van Buuren has picked up the highly acclaimed ‘Freefalling’ feat Audrey Gallagher for release on his ASOT label and also the 2009 A State Of Trance Album.

Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel – In And Out Of Love (Chicane Remix)

Chicane prooves once again that he can make a hit come back to life again.  This pure trance remix is set to stun anyone who hears it just like the first original release of “In And Out Of Love”.
Chicane is songwriter and producer Nick Bracegirdle from a small village in Buckinghamshire. Despite being responsible for some of clublands biggest anthems over the past decade Nick is not a DJ. His songwriting and production talents have been the reason why legendary artists like Bryan Adams and Cher asked him to produce tracks for the respective albums.
Over the years the Chicane live experience has travelled far and wide, from the relative sanity of London’s Islington Academy, to the vastness of Moscow’s Red Square. An appearance at the The World Trade Centre in Manila in 2006 was a similarly bizarre experience. “It was a great gig” Nick reminisces. “Thousands of fans watching us become dehydrated and shrivelling into little more than cornflakes on stage in the unbearable heat”.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Remady P&R - No Superstar (CS-Jay Remix)

"With his single “NO Superstar” REMADY achieved his absolute break through in Europe! Lasting for months in the charts for example in Switzerland 1 over 8 weeks, Germany 4, Norway 1 for over 4 months in a row, Denmark 1 over 6 weeks und many more. In Denmark REMADY gained the desired GOLD-Award for over 15'000 sold records.
The US and UK got an eye on REMADY and the „NO Superstar“ track after his success in Europe. The biggest US dance label ULTRA RECORDS signed REMADY and released the single in America. The famous UK label NEWSTATE/NEBULA (Tiesto, Guru Josh, etc.) released the single in England.
The official music video on YOUTUBE has already been viewed over 10 Mio times (without major label). „NO Superstar“ is all over Europe on over 100 compilations to hear.
The original voice of the successfull track „NO Superstar“ is MANU-L, singer of the band MYRON. REMADY and MANU-L have a special show case ready that you should check out! Along with REMADY’s inventive DJ-Set are tracks like „NO Superstar“, „Need2Say“, the new single “Give me a SIGN” as well as „This Time“ & “Underneath” (Dj Antoine), live performed."

Three Drives - Greece /Let There Be Love (Bootleg Mix)

Three Drives (On A Vinyl) defines a collaboration between Erik de Koning (DJ Enrico) and Ton van Empel (Ton TB). They are responsible for the massive hit single ‘Greece 2000’.
This single ruled the European dance-floors for a long period and after conquering the clubs, the track stormed the worldwide single charts and entered at number 12 in the Official U.K Singles Chart! Not to forget the licenses to labels such as the legendary Hooj Choons and ZYX music. Also they signed the track to diverse compilations and due to the success of “Greece 2000”, Three Drives remixed a lot of artists. SNAP, Proper Beating, Ferry Corsten, The Vengaboys, Saucerman and many more were the lucky ones who received the Three Drives remix touch.
The guys spent a lot of time in the studio to produce several albums: Theme "2000" and ‘Melodies from the Universe’. These highly appreciated albums received a lot credits and were popular among many artist such as Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto and Pete Tong. The double release ‘Sunset on Ibiza’ & Air Traffic caused a stir in the UK since Judge Jules played the white label promo for 5 weeks on his BBC Radio 1 show.
Another hit single stormed the dance charts again and this time it reached nr 1! This time the track was licensed to Xtravaganza Records and released in the UK in September 2001 containing new remixes.

Besides the Three Drives projects, Club Royale’s club anthem “Losing Sleep” (It Records) and Enrico-solo releases like “The Hardclubber” (Celebrative Records) and “The Disclubber” (Blue Records). Erik de Koning was also the executive producer of DJ Jurgen (“Higher and higher”) and many more.
As founder of, Ton TB is still very active as a solo artist, which he proved by his many releases like Electronic Malfunction, Dream Machine and recently Three Drives ‘Feel the Rhythm’ Ton TB dubmix.
The last one is featured on the latest In search Of Sunrise 7 by Tiesto.

Article source: Official Three Drives Webpage. More info on Three Drives can be found at specified adress.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kylian Mash feat Akon & Glasses - Club Certified (Gregori Klosman & Danny Wild Remix)

"In the space of just two years, Kylian Mash has joined the select club of DJ/producers with international potential. With his hit C’est Beau la Bourgeoisie, under his Discobitch alias, Kylian found himself at the top of the charts, booked in clubs around the world, chronicled on, live on France's most popular TV station TF1 and complimented by none other than Madonna.
Kylian first made his name in France through working at a number of prestigious radio stations under the name of DJ Mash. Only in 2008 did he start producing his own tracks with the Discobitch project. A veritable phenomenon, the track became one of the biggest hits of the year, reaching the number one spot in both the charts (where it stayed in the hit parade for ten months) and club charts (for over fourtheen weeks).
Discobitch became one of the very first techno tracks with vocals sung in French. Others followed in its wake (Ocean Drive, Helmut Fritz, Make the Girl Dance...) and the genre was even a success abroad.
Following his initial success, Kylian Mash participated in various projects - One Day by DJ Patrice Strike, Madinshina (for which Kylian obtained the rights for Snap's classic Rhythm Is A Dancer) playlisted by David Guetta just to tell one, and finally NYX (on America's famous Ultra Records label).
These productions allowed Kylian to hone his talents as a producer whilst also putting the final touches to his solo project, contacting and getting to know prestigious guest artists from abroad. Thanks to these contacts, the first high-calibre collaboration with the artists from US label Cash Money (superstar Akon and the star rapper Glasses Malone) came together for Kylian Mash's first single release, Club Certified.
“Club Certified”, a 100% certified club smash is available in both English and French versions and should appeal to fans of house, techno, dance, rap and pop.

Article source: Kylian Mash Official Facebook Fan Page.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Catalina – Joe Le Taxi (Treitl Hammond & GeF Remix)

Made famous in 1988 by Vanessa Paradis, “Joe Le Taxi” is a song about a taxi driver, Joe, who works in Paris. The song emphasizes the notion that Joe seems to know all of the French capital including the whereabouts of all the little bars, all of the Parisian streets, the Seine, and bridges. The song’s lyrics suggest that Joe enjoys drinking rum, has a passion for Latin music and his saxophone, and dreams of going to the Amazon.
2010 brought “Joe Le Taxi” to life again and Catalina Caraus is responsable for what made european music charts go crazy. The Moldavian singer was chosen by the copyright owners of “Joe Le Taxi” to re-perform the famous track because of her voice, wich sounds similar to the original Vanessa Paradis release.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Everything But The Girl - Missing (Allexinno Twenty Ten Remix)

Choosing The Right DJ For An Event

Pro entertainers, including DJs and Karaoke party hosts, can set the tone for a special occasion, party or function.
When you are hunting for a DJ, good research will help to make sure that you hire somebody reputable that may keep the party going. By asking yourself the following questions, you can guarantee that both your visitors and you'll have perfect fun.
  • Are there many DJ's to choose from in your area?
When you search for disc jockeys or Karaoke parties in a search engine, how many results do you get? If you are getting millions of results from your search, then your job is going to be tougher. Try adding your area to the search. This straightforward change can enhance your chances of locating the DJ of your preference by scaling down the pool of results to a more controllable group. For example, when you search by Bay Area DJ's or Karaoke in the Bay Area, your results are pared down significantly.

  • Does the DJ specialize in the type of occasion you are holding?
    If the answer to this question is "no", then you may wish to look for DJ's specializing in the occasion that you would like to celebrate. This can give you the tranquility that incorporates knowing that you are hiring a pro who focuses on your party's wants.
    • Does the DJ company have references or testimonials?
    If a DJ doesn't want you to contact prior clients, then you may need to move on to the following potential DJ. The more references you contact, the greater the probabilities are that you are working with a pro. If they price buyer experiences, they are going to be more than pleased to have you contact their previous shoppers.
    • How do the prices compare, are they fairly equal?
    If the answer's "fairly similar", your call is simpler. However, that might not necessarily be the situation.
    If there are massive price discrepancies, you'll need to judge whether the price is guaranteed. By chatting to prior shoppers, you can get a feeling for whether you may actually get what you may pay for.
    Special occasions come in all guises. From monumental occasions to karaoke parties, by doing your research and finding a credible pro, you can ensure that your visitors have a fun and safe time and you will set the foundation for a memory to relive for an entire life.

    Article source:, written by Kristin Long, under Creative Commons License: Attribution No Derivatives

    San & Wendel Kos - Kiss Of Life (Ibiza Sunrise Remix)

    Wendel Kos is the project name of one of the biggest Dance Music producers today. There is no dance radio show, festival, rave or club that has not played one, some or all of his tracks. He has been in charts all over the globe, and if you haven't heard of will.
    Wendel Kos started to play the piano from the age of 7. So you could say he has a musical background. As with all youngsters, the piano got boring pretty soon and Wendel looked in the more alternative side (and in those days underground side) of music to fill his musical needs. From this time on, life had been one big party for him. This included highlights at the infamous Dance Valley festivals and Heineken Music Hall, to live performances under various names, projects and aliases. After a decade of being 100% underground and 100% poor, Wendel decided to take yet another drastic turn in life.
    You can’t always explain why, but somehow things fell together. In a turn of fortune proving to be the most important thing to happen to Wendel’s career, he found a company who believed in his sound. A group who finally saw the possibilities and the talent in Wendel's music production. This company is called Fektive Music, where Wendel has his home now.

    Together, Wendel and Fektive have accomplished great things in just a short period of time . Wendel Kos has reached top spots in Europe as well as a 1 position in the USA Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart with his remix of Ercola "Every Word”, which was in the top 10 for 46 weeks! He has also completed remixes for half the globe and made sure every station on the planet has played the Wendel Kos tunes.
    Wendel continues to bring innovative and fresh sound to the dance music culture, proving time and time again to be one of the most entertaining music acts around.

    Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    Naguale - Get Up (Julyan Dubson & K-Liv Extended Mix)

    The MTV Concept

    "MTV (Music Television) is the oldest and most influential American cable network specializing in music?related programming. It was launched on August 1, 1981, with the words "Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll," spoken on camera by John Lack, one of the creators of MTV. This introduction was immediately followed by the music?video clip Video Killed the Radio Star, featuring a band called the Buggles. The title proved somewhat prophetic as MTV greatly transformed the nature of music?industry stardom over the next several years. At the same time, MTV became a major presence in the cable?TV industry and in fact in the overall American cultural landscape.
    One of the earliest and greatest cable success stories, MTV was established by Warner Amex Satellite Entertainment Company (WASEC) after extensive marketing research. The key to MTV's viability, at least initially, was the availability of low-cost programming in the form of music videos. Originally these were provided free by record companies, which thought of them as advertising for their records and performers.
    MTV presented one video after another in a constant "flow" that contrasted with the discrete individual programs found on other television networks. Clips were repeated from time to time according to a light, medium, or heavy "rotation" schedule. In this respect, MTV was like Top 40 radio (it even had video jockeys, or vjs, similar to radio djs). Moreover, it soon became apparent that MTV could "break" a recording act (move it into prominence, even star status), just as radio had done for decades.
    Throughout its so-called third phase, MTV has diversified its musical offerings, most notably into rap, dance music, and heavy metal. To some extent these genres have been segregated into their own program slots (Yo! MTV Raps, Club MTV, and Headbangers' Ball, respectively). At the same time, the move toward discrete programs has increasingly become a move away from music video. In the process, MTV has become more like a full?service network, offering news, sports, sitcoms, documentaries, cartoons, game shows, and other traditional TV fare. Often these programs are also musical in some sense (Beavis and Butt-Head), but sometimes they are not (reruns of Speed Racer). 
    Music video and MTV are major ingredients of television programming internationally. MTV Europe, launched in 1987, was followed by an Asian service in 1991 and MTV Latino in 1993. VH1 seems poised to follow a similar course, having established a European service in 1994. Both economically and aesthetically, MTV has wrought major changes in the entertainment industries. By combining music with television in a new way, MTV has charted a path for both industries (and movies as well) into a future of postmodern synergy. "

    This is just a preview of the original text. Read more on Article written by Gary Burns. All rights reserved to specified author and webpage.

    Dj Jungle & SRG - Sweet Love (Extended Mix)

    The Colour of Music

    "One of the basic elements of music is called color, or timbre (pronounced "TAM-ber"). Timbre describes all of the aspects of a musical sound that do not have anything to do with the sound's pitch, loudness, or length. In other words, if a flute plays a note, and then an oboe plays the same note, for the same length of time, at the same loudness, you can still easily distinguish between the two sounds, because a flute sounds different from an oboe. This difference is in the timbre of the sounds.
    Timbre is caused by the fact that each note from a musical instrument is a complex wave containing more than one frequency. For instruments that produce notes with a clear and specific pitch, the frequencies involved are part of a harmonic series. For other instruments (such as drums), the sound wave may have an even greater variety of frequencies. We hear each mixture of frequencies not as separate sounds, but as the color of the sound. Small differences in the balance of the frequencies - how many you can hear, their relationship to the fundamental pitch, and how loud they are compared to each other - create the many different musical colors.
    The harmonics at the beginning of each note - the attack - are especially important for timbre, so it is actually easier to identify instruments that are playing short notes with strong articulations than it is to identify instruments playing long, smooth notes.
    The human ear and brain are capable of hearing and appreciating very small variations in timbre. A listener can hear not only the difference between an oboe and a flute, but also the difference between two different oboes. The general sound that one would expect of a type of instrument - a trombone for example - is usually called its timbre or color. Variations in timbre between specific instruments - two different trombones, for example, or two different trombone players, or the same trombone player using different types of sound in different pieces - may be called differences in timbre or color, or may be called differences in tone or in tone quality. Tone quality may refer specifically to "quality", as when a young trombonist is encouraged to have a "fuller" or "more focussed" tone quality, or it can refer neutrally to differences in sound, as when an orchestral trombonist is asked to play with a "brassy" tone quality in one passage and a "mellow" tone quality in another.
    Many words are used to describe timbre. Some are somewhat interchangeable, and some may have slightly different meanings for different musicians, so no attempt will be made to provide definitions. Here are a few words commonly used to describe either timbre or tone quality.

    - Reedy
    - Brassy
    - Clear
    - Focussed or unfocussed
    - Breathy (pronounced "BRETH-ee")
    - Rounded
    - Piercing
    - Strident
    - Harsh
    - Warm
    - Mellow
    - Resonant
    - Dark or Bright
    - Heavy or Light
    - Flat
    - Having much, little, or no vibrato (a controlled wavering in the sound); or narrow or wide, or slow or fast, vibrato."
    Article source:, written by Catherine Schmidt-Jones. All rights reserved to specified author and webpage.

    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe (Dean Cohen Remix)

    "The song "Cotton Eyed Joe" is believed to have descended from the South before the American Civil War. It became a popular folk song throughout the nation during the late 1800s. With the advent of electronic recording, the song gained even more notoriety and influenced a number of artists to record the track. Its popularity peaked with the release of a dance version by the group Rednex.
    In 1925, Dorothy Scarborough recorded a version of "Cotton Eyed Joe." Because the origins of the song pre-date the Civil War, a number of different sections of the country had different lyrics. She assembled many of these different parts into one cohesive song.
     "Cotton Eyed Joe" was made famous as a recorded song by Adolph Hofner and His San Antonians. Columbia issued the recording in 1941.
     With the 1980 release of the film "Urban Cowboy," western-style line dancing became popularized. As part of this movement, "Cotton Eyed Joe" became very fashionable. The song's dance featured a number of traditional moves along with arm linking.
    The song was again made popular in 1994 by a Swedish dance group, Rednex. Combining electric sounds with traditional instruments, the banjo, fiddle and harmonica used in the track were all synthesized.
    Beginning in the 2008 to 2009 season, the Florida Panthers hockey team began to utilize the song. At the Bank Atlantic Center, a man dressed as a cowboy danced to the song in the middle of the ice rink for onlooking fans."

    Article source:, written by Jason Chavis. All rights reserved to specified author and website.

    Dario G - Dream To Me (Above And Beyond Remix)

    "Dario G is the name of a dance music trio from Crewe, Cheshire, England. The act was named after the manager of Crewe Alexandra, Dario Gradi. Its founder members are Paul Spencer, Scott Rosser and Stephen Spencer (the Spencers are not related), although Paul Spencer is the only remaining member of the trio.


    In 1997 they reached #2 on the UK Singles Chart with "Sunchyme", a song built around a sample of "Life In A Northern Town", a #15 hit for The Dream Academy in 1985, and peaked at #5 with the follow-up "Carnaval de Paris", relating to the 1998 football World Cup in France.
    "Sunchyme" also hit #1 on the American Hot Dance Club Play chart in that year. A less successful version of "Carnaval de Paris" was released in 2002, for the World Cup in South Korea and Japan. In 1998, they released their first album, Sunmachine.
    In March 2000, their song "Voices", featuring vocals from Vanessa Quiñones, produced by Peter Oxendale, was used for the film, The Beach. The track was taken from Sunmachine, which was originally going to be titled 'Super Dario Land' according to the "Sunchyme" single.
    In December 2000, Dario G released "Dream To Me", with vocals by Ingrid Straumstoyl, which is based on the song "Dreams" by The Cranberries. "Dream To Me" reached #9 in the UK Singles Chart in January 2001 and #9 in Germany later that year. It was also the second most played radio record in Germany that summer. November 2001 saw their next release, "Say What's On Your Mind". In early 2003, Dario G released "Heaven Is Closer (Feels Like Heaven)", a remake of the 1980s hit, "Feels Like Heaven", by the Fiction Factory. It reached #32 in the UK Singles Chart.
    Dario G also released an album called In Full Colour, which was available in Continental Europe, but not widely available in the UK.
    Dario G remains an influence on the British alternative dance scene and in 2006 their 1998 album, Sunmachine, was named the ninth best album of the 90s by internet music site, Pitchfork media. Culturally, Dario G profoundly impacted 1990s British society and were notable in the rise of New Labour as well as championing hometown Crewe's 1996 Olympic Games bid. More recently the work of Dario G has been incorporated into the sets of acclaimed electronic duo Pipe and Slippers.

    Recent times

    A single "Ring of Fire" was promoted throughout Europe in 2006. It borrowed the main trumpet melody from the Johnny Cash recording of the same name. It was played at England's pre-World Cup friendlies in May 2006. The single itself was released in September 2006. The songs "Voices" and "Sunchyme" have been used as background to some BBC Television shows.
    Dario G are contemplating reforming as dance act once again, this time under a new name Dever G, after another well known former Crewe Alexandra manager Ian Dever."

    Article source: (originally, written under The Creative Common Deed.

    Monday, October 11, 2010

    Nalin & Kane - Beachball (DNB Remix)

    Andry Nalin (Andreas Bialek) and Harry Kane (Ralf Beck) began working together in 1993 as Nalin Inc. and released their first 12-inch single, "Planet Orange", in 1994. They began their own label, Superfly Records in 1995, releasing the singles "The K-People" and "Backfire" before the turning point came with "Beachball". They have since had success with remixes of Energy 52's "Café Del Mar" and Da Hool's "Meet Her At The Love Parade." In late 1999, they released their debut album, Krystal Palace.
    Their international breakthrough came with the Ibiza anthem, "Beachball", released in late 1996.
    Trance and house don’t normally sound good when melded together, but Nalin and Kane's "Beachball" managed to bridge the gap between glowsticks and heels; the track is featured on loads of compilations from both genres.
    Many will consider "Beachball" as a trance classic, but it is so far removed from the standard trance being released today that it’s difficult to tarnish it with the same brush.

    David Guetta - Just A Little More Love (DJ Tayna Remix)

    The Record Store - An Oportunity In Starting A Music Business

    "These three areas must be dealt with prior to new record store.

    Inventory Cost

    One of the primary costs of your initial launch may be to obtain your inventory of thousands of CDs from suppliers to fill your store before opening. Suppliers probably want you to succeed and may help to finance your inventory by allowing you a thirty or even sixty day payment period after receiving the products. This period of time may buy you the ability to sell some inventory and generate some revenues. However, you will probably have to cover a large part of the inventory cost with your startup capital and estimating this number is a key consideration for your business plan.


    To keep your doors open, you will need a clerk or clerks at all times to complete sales transactions and provide customer service, as well as other employees to at least occasionally stock shelves, maintain the store, and order new products. You may choose to make one of these employees yourself in the early days of the store, but you must have the ability to hand off this work as time goes on. Your value to the store will be in strategic thinking about marketing, branding, and operations systems, and not in ringing up customer after customer.


    Your store can be successful if accessible only by car as well as if it is just reachable on foot. If accessible by car, see if you can place promotional signs along the road on the approach the store and not just at the store itself. The earlier that drivers read your sign, the more time they have to consider changing their plan and stopping. This is not necessary for a walk-up location where passersby have ample time to think about stopping in.
    The more difficult your store is to reach by your customers overall, the more they will be encouraged to shop for music online or at a closer competitor’s store. Furthermore, if big box retailers can beat you on prices, you may need to be extremely close to customers to make shopping at your store make sense for them from a purely financial perspective. "

    Article source: All rights reserved to author(s) in the specified source.

    Sunday, October 10, 2010

    Sweet Lemon - Make Me Wanna (Official & Narcotic Sound Extended)

    The Sweet Lemon Project

    The friendship between Andreea, Bogdan and Felix brings this year to your attention a brand new tastefull, fresh and cool band : Sweet Lemon. They are always ready to change any normal and ordinary situation into a real show. Open to new technologies concerning musical field and attracted to electronic and dance music , the band adopts a dance electro style with all kinds of spices and influences.

    He was just a little boy, when he first saw a guitar, at the age of 11. He falls in love with this instrument and begins to study it very conscientiously , until he turns out to be a very good performer. Although Bogdan is the settled down type of guy, at times he likes to surpise people around him, of course in a good way, with unpredictable and unexpected ways of acting. For example you wouldn’t expect him to be a fan of rock music , but he is crazy about rock.
    He is called the perfectionist : tenacious in whatever he does and the word “random” is definitely not on his list.
    During high-school, he discovers about himself the fact that he likes working in studio, he is eager for recording sessions, he loves putting pieces of music together and later, this makes him accept the challenge of following Sound Editing Courses, within Film University of Bucharest.
    Later he becomes member of numerous musical projects , and that is the perfect time for him to get used to stage performing.
    2009 brings him the award for “Best Sound Film” for the short movie “Desert Rain” within the international Film Festival – “CINEMA IUBIT”. The same year he wins the Popularity Award, within Battle of Songs ( a composition contest ), for the song Life, in the interpretation of Andreea , whom he meets in 2008 (he sais laughing about it : “I met her on Hi5 because I loved her voice and I wanted to meet her to tell her about my musical plans” ).
    At the present he is a musical composer, arranger, producer and performer in his own band. 

    She sings since forever. She remembers that in her past lives she was a singer too, so it’s not wrong for us to say that music discovered her and lead her steps in life. Ever since she was a little girl, trying her mama’s shoes she had the feeling that she would become a stage performer.
    When you meet her, at first you see her expressive and beautiful image. Then you feel her unlike sensitivity because she has a strange and lovely power to burst into your heart.
    Although she is the Dreamer she reserves an inner power and capacity to get over almost any kind of obstacle. When she is on stage he turns into a beautiful, strong and crazy woman in love with her job.
    At first she is discovered singing in quires ( starting from the age of 8 ). Here she understands what music is, and what part does it play in her life. She meets Maria Simion (first soloist on flute at the Romanian Opera) with whom she studies at first bell canto . She talks about vocal singing as a great gift. Everybody can learn how to play an instrument, but singing in sacred .
    2007 is the year that she is introduced to the romanian public, when she gets the chance to be selected for Romanian Idol. She manages to stay in competition until the final, but she gets the second place. The duet with Paula Seling , on the song Timpul (Time) convinces the public of her authenticity and talent.
    The same year she graduates foreign languages within The West University, thing that helps her write her own lyrics in English.
    2007 is her lucky year. That is when Sistem Band proposes her to become part of their band. So later on, she records with them the song called “Boca del Inferno”, which turned out to be a really successful summer hit. She joins Sistem in their concerts in Romania and abroad.
    2009 sends Andreea to “Golden Stag” International Festival, where she performs in the opening of every night festival together with Sistem. In the night between the years 2009 – 2010 they perform in the Constitution Square were they make a great show together.
    2010 is the year that brings Andreea the dream band Sweet Lemon and she sais beautiful things are yet to come and that life without music is a waste of time.

    He is the the exotic artist who can make almost any object sound like music. His energy is as overwhelming as a volcano’s and when he performs he unleashes himself inciting the public, especially the ladies. He is a real showman and when you are around him you cannot stay still because his euphoria is contagious. If you are already exhausted you will be surprised to see that he is as fresh as ever , and then you will feel like asking “is this guy serios?”
    He studies music at The Music Academy,” George Dima”, in Cluj, and he also follows there a masterclass in percution. The various prizes won before college gave him the chance to be admitted at the academy without any exam , so he is smart, lucky and of course talented.
    He experienced during the years the posture of teacher at the “Popular School of Arts”, forming 3 generations of percutionists . But this was just the beginning o his career, following collaborations with numerous bands such as : Slang (the winners o the Golden Stag in 2004), Kum, Sistem, Urma, One, Morandi, Spin, Vh2 , all of them romanian bands, so he is a very notorious , loved and appreciated drum boy.
    He remembers one moment that was very important for him, when participating to MTV Exit, which took place in Albania and was organized by Angelina Jolie, whom he admires very much. The way he met Andreea was though an ad : “in search of apartment mate” and then he met Bogdan, who had already befriended her.

    After winning europeean's hearts with songs like "Hot", "Deja Vu", "Amazing" ( INNA), "Stereo Love" (Eduard Maya), back in 2009, this year a brand new Romanian band that promises keep up the line. Sweet
    Lemon is the band’s name that aims very high with it's first hot single, called "MAKE ME WANNA" produced by Narcotic Sound(Mamasita).

    It is amazing that only a week weeks the releasing of the song online, it has registered more that 100 000 viewers.
    Open to new technologies concerning musical field and attracted to electronic and dance music , the band adopts a dance electro style with all kinds of spices and influences.

    Saturday, October 9, 2010

    Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Alex Iatrou Remix)

    Choosing The Right Mixer For Home Recording Studio

    "Are you a musician who’s just getting started when it comes to establishing your home recording facilities? If so, no doubt you’ve invested at least some time getting the gear list together as there are numerous pieces of equipment and technology which will constitute your own best studio situation. Maybe you are aware of the significance of having a great microphone, as an example. Maybe you are currently set up with software as well as other gear such as the Alesis Multimix 16 USB Mixer.
    In this post, we’ll presume though that you are simply starting out with the job of choosing a best mixer to meet your requirements. We are going to go over some of the characteristics and specs that you may want to be checking out when selecting a mixer for your home recording studio.
    Firstly, you ought to decide where you will mainly be using the mixer. Will this gear only be used within your home studio or are you planning to require something which is more mobile? In the event that transportation is a large factor, you will probably want to decide on something which is at least somewhat small because weight and size is going to be an apparent element. In the case of the Alesis Multimix 16 USB mentioned above, this can be a perfect mixer for both the in studio option in addition to a good small portable mixer. Take it on the road along with you, yet have the many solutions to match the requirements of you and the music group.

    One more key element that should be considered from the start is the number of inputs you’ll want to have within your mixer. Each product comes with its preselected number of potential channels inside the board. Each channel is what will enable a different input, microphone or instrument being registered concurrently or by itself. The importance of this is necessary when you’ve got many vocals or instruments that will likely need to be recorded concurrently.
    If you’re recording a large music group with a number of musicians, you would probably opt for some type of 12, 16 or even 24 mixer. If, on the other hand, you are a solo artist and the only person that you’ll be recording, you’d not obviously have the requirement for several channels at all. Regardless of your present needs, do take into account the choice of expandability in your music group. That is why you might want to at least get something like the Alesis Multimix 16 allowing for at least some simultaneous recording.
    One more cool and crucial function of the mixer is numerous diverse special effects that could be provided. Here you may discover such cool effects as several types of reverbs, pitch effects, flanging, chorus, delays and various other multi-effect alternatives.
    Once you have carried out a little bit of investigation online, you ought to definitely try to enter a store where you can try out several diverse brand names and designs of mixers. It will also be helpful to talk to somebody that is proficient in the pros and cons of the diverse brand names in order to help you to figure out the most effective mixer for you and the music group."

    Article source: All rights reserved to author(s) in the specified webpage.

    DJ Rynno & Sylvia - Fantasy of Love (Black Light Dub Mix)

    "Dj Rynno and Sylvia is one or the most successful CLUB project in Romania.
    Their single Feel has registered great success in Europe and it was the first club band in Romania that reached number 1 in charts without the support of any record label.Their second single Save Me was also an instant hit being one of the favorite song at the moment, and top of all playlist for radio stations .
    Since 2008 they are promoted by Roton.Their first album Fantasy of love was well received by the public and their first single witch is also called Fantasy Of Love had an interesting videoclip produced by Dragos Buliga.

    Over time they have won numerous awards such as :
    - The star of the year- Bulevard awards 2008
    - The most popular band from Disco Tineretului 2008
    - Highest climber - Romanian Music Awards 2008
    - Best song "Save Me" - Confidential Awards 2008
    - Best featuring - Romanian top hits 2009
    - The most popular band -Gossip awards 2009
    Beside their album,they have released numerous singles like Deep,Huska ,Vanessa or Breathe Again which were very popular in all the clubs in Romania, Germany,Israel,Netherlands,and even USA."

    Article source: Dj Rynno & Sylvia on Facebook.

    Thursday, October 7, 2010

    Vicente Belenguer & T. Tommy feat Delerium - After All

    Music Producer - Suitable For You?

    "Music producers are the individuals who create compositions, from instrumentals to the latest Top 40 hits. Music production has become the backbone of success for most musicians that have excelled in the music industry. The production aspect of music is almost as lucrative as the internal publishing and distribution.

    Few steps for a good start point

    You' ll need a personal recording studio before trying below suggestions:
    • Incorporate your own personal recording studio. A personal recording studio opens many doors for gaining revenue. You can opt to rent your studio out, engineer recordings for vocalists or only produce tracks. All of these avenues create revenue, which enables you to invest back into your studio.  
    • Build your repertoire. Nothing helps music producers more than diversity. A wide range of music along with experience with several genres of music expands the horizon of any production platform. It opens doors for innovation along with the cultivation of new concepts and ideas. Many producers have gained a lot of eclectic success with a wide repertoire alone. 
    • Market your product. This requires deciding on a target market. Your target market consists of the listeners you plan to cater to. Whether your target market is alternative, children, teens or urban, make sure you are catering to that market. Too many changes can confuse consumers. Stick with one target market and branch out after you have established a name for yourself.  
    • Advertise yourself. Music producers are human advertisements. The clothes you wear all the way down to how you carry yourself are all essential to personal advertisement. For example, if you specialize in urban music, dress that way. Hang fliers, build a website, give sample discs away and even opt to give away tracks. Your focus is being heard. Your music is your credibility, therefore it speaks for you. Do whatever it takes to make people hear it.
    • Sell your music. Today's marketing platform is equipped with several avenues for executing sales. This can either be done online or by marketing at local clubs, mixers or publicity gatherings. 
    Don't forget to keep an eye on some basic rules:
    • Networking is a strong key to success in becoming a music producer. Make sure you communicate with lots of people to gain rapport with musicians, producers and possibly artist and repertoire directors. Some of the greatest success in the music industry was derived solely from social networking.
    • Use the Internet to you advantage if you can. The Internet can be a strong marketing platform if you use it effectively. (See Resources.)
    • Always invest in yourself. When you make a profit, invest it into yourself, your studio and your business. Due to the ever-changing status of today's music industry, technology and other innovations directed toward creation and marketing, you must keep up with these changes. This ensures that your music quality stays inline with society and the target market.
    • Always copyright your productions. This ensures that your music, concept or initial idea is not stolen, used or distributed without your consent. If actions transpire without your consent, it will be quite difficult and tedious to take action to rectify the problem."
    Article source:, written under Creative Commons License.

    Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    Edward Maya & Alicia - Stereo Love (DJ Viduta Remix)

    Installing a Car Subwoofer

    "Learning how to mount subwoofers can transform any car’s so-so stereo system into an amazing audio experience. Of course, this is a weekend project for the do-it-yourselfer who is not afraid to get his hands dirty and maybe even resort to some unorthodox methods of rigging the speaker boxes. Discovering how to mount subwoofers begins with collecting the needed hardware.
    • Subwoofers with box and wiring kit
    • Amplifier
    • Velcro straps, bungee cords or other industrial-strength ties
    • Toolbox
    Once all the gear is ready to go, it is time to get started discovering how to mount subwoofers in general, and in your vehicle, in particular. 
    Decide on box placement. The trunk is perhaps the most common venue when learning how to mount subwoofers, but other options include a space behind the front or back seats. Remember that subwoofer mounts are rather big, so be prepared to give up a good chunk of vehicular real estate.

    Use Velcro straps to secure the subwoofer box. Cable ties work in a pinch, but you’d need to cut them every time you want to move the box. Bungee cords are sometimes difficult to work with in confined spaces, so Velcro is still your best bet.

    Follow the wiring schematic and discover how to mount subwoofers to amplifiers. If the amplifier is in the car itself but you plan on keeping the subwoofer in the trunk, remember to cut a sufficient length of wire from the wiring kit. It is a good idea to add an additional three feet of wire, loop it, and secure it with a twist tie or small Velcro strap. This way you can move the subwoofer out of the trunk, if needed, without detaching it from the amplifier.

    Ground the amplifier. This prevents unpleasant surprises such as blown fuses or blown speakers.

    Verify adherence to the wiring diagram and test out the unit. Before turning on anything it is a good idea to verify that negative is hooked to negative; verify that all wiring is accounted for and all connections are according to the wiring diagram. Turn on the car stereo system and test out the new audio experience.

    Some tutorials that teach newbies how to mount subwoofers suggest screwing the box into the trunk area. This is a dangerous undertaking since it is possible to damage the fuel line, fuel pump or even the car’s electrical system. Whenever possible, rely on straps rather than screws."

    Article source:, written by Sylvia Cochran. All rights reserved to specified author and webpage.

    Brisby & Jingles - L'amour Toujours (Miami Rockers Remix)

    Clubbing Special Light Effects

    "Dance clubs are hotter than ever and millions of people can be found in nightclubs that offer disco decor and music for their customers each weekend.
    The music may have changed a little since disco clubs first burst on the scene in the 1970s, but the disco lighting and lounge decor has changed dramatically. Disco light effects today light up the entire room and allow the lighting to work in time with the music. This is also done through LED lighting panels that can be put anywhere and lighting software that can allow the DJ to control the lights while playing the music.
    While DJ music was popular as far back as the 1970s, the lighting decor in nightclubs was mostly very dark. The floor would often be lighted with recessed lighting that surrounded the dance floor, but the night club decor of the day was very dark. This saved on energy as the lights in the floor that reflected off of the mirrored disco ball that hung on top or strobe lighting effects cost enough money for the club owner.
    Today, everything from the nightclub furniture to bar design has been modified in night clubs throughout the world to make them more accessible and allow for the maximum number of people to fit in while still being comfortable. The one thing that has changed the most, however, is the disco light effects. This includes floor lighting, ceiling lighting and DJ lighting equipment. Most of the disco lighting that is being used today consists of LED lighting that is more energy efficient as well as much more state of the art when it comes to colors, images and design than the recessed lighting that was used on the disco floors long ago.
    A night club owner today ca find DMX controlled LED lighting that is used for the lounge decor, bar design and all around club lighting, in addition to the dance floor. You will find that the LED space panel will allow the walls of your club to light up and reflect images as can the DMX controlled LED ceiling. No more do you have to rely on a mirrored ball to reflect light from the ceiling - you can have an LED pixel ceiling that is controlled by lighting control software.
    The dance floor no longer has to have recessed lighting or strobe lights in order to come alive when you get a video dance floor. The video dance floor is an LED dance floor that will move in time with the music. And the wall lighting can also be controlled with lighting control software when you use an LED equalizer panel, LED space panel or LED disco pane bubble panel.
    The DJ stage lighting has also changed and moved with the times. Nightclubs that are built today are much lighter and brighter than the dark clubs of yesterday. Today, the nightclubs can be alight with disco lighting and sound that is controlled by you or the DJ playing the music. You can finally let the light in your club with the new disco decor."

    Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    Tomcraft - Loneliness (Myon & Shane 54 Remix)

    "For well over a decade, as TOMCRAFT, Thomas Brückner has been an important part of today’s electronic music scene and one of its most highly regarded ambassadors in foreign countries near and far. If you wanted to sum up TOMCRAFT’s life in recent years in a couple of lines, they would look something like this: three albums, two children, two of his own labels, dozens of successful singles, a No. 1 hit in the UK, countless remixes for acts such as Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Simple Minds, Sonique and many more. Even that does not do full justice to this Bavarian DJ and producer.
    TOMCRAFT is after all one of the early pioneers of electronic music and from 1995 to the present, with tracks like “This Is No House,” “The Mission,” “Silence,” “Prozac,” “Dirty Sanchez” and “Quelle Heure Est-Il” and the albums “All I Got” (2001), “MUC” (2003) and “HyperSexyConscious” (2006) he has built himself a fan base that continues to provide him with countless bookings – in particular abroad, from the USA to Japan. But the proverbial prophet is also very welcome in his own country.
    His recognised hit “Loneliness” that was released in 2002 may have been responsible in part for this when it shot straight to pole position in the British sales charts. Whereas up to this moment TOMCRAFT had been better known among the initiated for his functional club sound, now, if not before, it became clear that mass compatibility was also possible in the club sector without it being seen as betrayal of the scene, as a commercial sell-out. Collaborations followed with Aggro Berlin front man SIDO, with whom TOMCRAFT remade the track “Sureshot”, Bloodhound Gang member Jimmy Pop, with whose microphone performance was created “Broadsword Calling Danny Boy,” and Xavier Naidoo who sang the vocals to “People Like Them.” Works like these and remixes for international artistes opened new ears, hearts and doors to him.  
    With this recognised status in the bag and his constant search for higher levels in his mind, in October 2003 TOMCRAFT set up his first independent label, Great Stuff Recordings, followed by Craft Music in 2005, on which national and international acts such as GusGus, The Egg, Rockers Hi-Fi, Lützenkirchen and Oliver Koletzki released records and the imprint with its high-quality tunes which went on to become the most popular in the world in the shortest possible time. The range is as varied and open-minded here as with TOMCRAFT himself and in this way the one-time trancer has long since become a musical polyglot with ambitions from Techno to Electro.
    All this and the fact that TOMCRAFT has always remained as he was when he started his career and to whom the glitter of stardom is alien and his wife and children sacred, have made him a very popular figure in the German electronic music scene. His down-to-earth nature and his constant efforts to take himself and his music one level further guarantee many interesting developments to come – on both the decks and in the studio."

    Article source: . All rights reserved to author(s) in the specified source.

    Monday, October 4, 2010

    OlFero & Polex ft. Siluyanova - Ty lyubisch tancevat (Original Mix)

    Sensation White Bucharest. Cancelled

    "Sensation White is an indoor dance-event which originated in the Netherlands and organized by ID&T. The original event, which ran exclusively in the Amsterdam ArenA for a period of five years until 2005, is now located throughout Poland, Spain, Chile, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia, Russia, Denmark, Lithuania, Portugal and Brazil.
    Sensation (White) is mostly a trance and house event. All the attendees are required to wear white and the Amsterdam ArenA itself is decorated to match. Sensation White’s slogan is “Be Part Of The Night – Dress in White”. Every event has around 40,000-45,000 tickets available. The Amsterdam ArenA event takes place every year on the first Saturday in July while the German event in the LTU Arena in Düsseldorf is held on New Year’s Eve. In 2009 it was organized for the first time on two subsequent nights on 3 and 4 July in the Amsterdam Arena where the opening of the Wicked Wonderland took place.
    Notable DJ’s that have appeared at Sensation include Tiësto, André Tanneberger, Armin van Buuren, Darren Emerson (one of the Underworld members), David Guetta, Deadmau5, Erick E, Erick Morillo, Ferry Corsten, Marco V, Paul van Dyk, Johan Gielen, Sander Kleinenberg, Steve Angello, Fedde Le Grand, Sebastian Ingrosso, Sander van Doorn, Mason, Felix Da Housecat, Laidback Luke , Tocadisco and Rank 1.
    The event has recently been criticized by trance fans who think there is too much house and electro and too few trance DJs in the recent events. However, in the eyes of the organizers, the popularity of trance has been receding in the past few years, and therefore Sensation White has adapted to this by altering its programming to add house and electro. Nonetheless, the popularity of trance and indeed the DJs associated with the genre still seem to be a major force in Europe. Trance Energy, with over 30,000 people, has been selling out faster than ever before. In the 2008 edition of Sensation, there was only one (former) trance DJ present in the line-up: Marco V. However, this year, trance was left out completely in favor of house (classics) and techno, however the music of the 2009 Amsterdam event turned out to be more trance like again." Source:
    Sadly, what was supposed to be the biggest event in Romania on New Year's Eve was cancelled. Those who waited so long for "Sensation" to come to their mother country must now head to other Europe locations. "Unfortunately the edition scheduled for New Year’s Eve 2010 in Bucharest is cancelled. The local promoter in Romania is unable to meet the agreed financial and operational obligations. Therefore we are forced to withdraw Sensation Romania 2010/2011 from the event schedule", officials said.

    Sunday, October 3, 2010

    Kelly Rowland & David Guetta - Commander (Sidney Samson Remix)

    "As a seven year old boy, Sidney started playing the guitar. From there on he knew that he wanted to make music for the rest of his life.
    After seeing a couple of DMC mix championships, his interests were going towards dj-ing. He started dj-ing in 1995 at the age of 14. During that time he mainly played RnB and HipHop tunes at local clubs. He switched his style completely into housemusic in 1999 and became the resident DJ of the ‘Exxellent’ nights at one of Holland’s biggest clubs The Matrixx in 2003. His producing skills really took off in that period.
    His first real club banger was called ‘Sidney Samson-It’s all funked up!’ (Spinnin’ Records 2003).
    After this release, Sidney knew that he couldn’t stop here and locked himself up in his studio. ‘Nobody Move’, ’Rock This’, ‘Girls’, ‘Aeroplane’ and ‘Viruz’ were some resulting floor fillers, to name but a few.
    In 2007, after a few successful collaborations with Gregor Salto, they decided to start a new record label named Samsobeats. On this label, new tracks are released from the hottest new DJ’s and producers who showed their talents to the world. Samsobeats wants to set a new feeling instead of a particular sound. That’s why you can expect very various tracks, from electro to latin. Every release must have the potential to grow into a floor filler.
    With the Skitzofrenix he was responsible for the big summer hit ‘You don’t love me’. This tune is still ripping up the dance floors and was of course released on Samsobeats! Then Sidney was hitting the charts with ‘Today’, featuring vocals of the talented Joni. This track is showing another side of Sidney and you can even hear him play the guitar in the breaks…
    And last but not least, you really couldn’t have missed it: RIVERSIDE !
    In charts all over the world for several weeks and even PLATINUM in Australia;
    The single would have actually moved from #13 in the National Singles chart, back up to number #10, if it hadn't have been for 8 Michael Jackson records entering the top 20. In the UK, Riverside entered the charts on #2 in January 2010 and has been fully supported by David Guetta, Laidback Luke, Diplo, A-trak, Tiga and Boyz Noize just to mention a few.
    A lot happened since RIVERSIDE. And even though Sidney now travels around the globe, performing at the biggest festivals and in coolest clubs, he manages to maintain the same ‘no nonsense’ mentality that brought him this far.
    Sidney: “I’m grateful for all the doors RIVERSIDE opened for me but I don’t intent to keep on riding out its success. I love DJ-ing but I’m a producer first. And now you have seen my RIVERside, I can’t wait to show you my other ‘sides’ (laughs)”.
    And show his other sides he did, that of a great remixer for instance. Some of Sidney’s remix productions are yet to come out; others are already rocking the dance floors. From Kylie Minoque’s “Get Outta My Way” to Guetta’s “Getting Over You” and “ Commander”, Solveig’s “Hello” and Dead Prezz’s “Hip Hop”, it seems so far that Sidney Samson keeps meeting everyone’s anxious expectation. Everyone’s, but those who are still waiting for RIVERSIDE, the sequel.
    Sidney: “As far as my own productions go, I’m learning every day. And I try to add new tricks to my box instead of repeating the same ones over and over again. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But that is the risk I’m willing to take”.
    So what has been cooking in Sidney Samson’s kitchen lately? The Punk Ass EP (Panorama) has been his latest release and already fully supported by all the top dj's.
    A follow up to ‘Dama S Salon’, a successful collaboration with DJ Gregory (FR) is gonna be released soon. Same goes for his collab with Steve Aoki, Wake up Call.
    It seems Sidney Samson (which is his real name by the way) is not planning to slow down any time soon."

    Article source: . All rights reserved to author(s) in the specified source.

    Saturday, October 2, 2010

    Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP - We No Speak Americano (Dean Cohen Remix)

    "Back in February 2010 Australian label Sweat It Out released a unique electro pop song called "We Speak
    No Americano." It is a collaboration between Australian duo Yolanda Be Cool and producer DCUP. The song is built around a sample of the 1956 release "Tu vuo fa l'americano." That song was recorded by Italian singer Renato Carosone. The 1956 song is a satire about an Italian imitating the American lifestyle. Thus far "We Speak No Americano" has been a top 10 smash in more than ten different countries around the world including Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, and is expected to top the pop singles chart in the UK this weekend. This hit  is one of the quirkiest novelty hits in recent years below."

    Article source:, written by Bill Lamb. All rights reserved to specified author and webpage.
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