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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sweet Lemon - Make Me Wanna (Official & Narcotic Sound Extended)

The Sweet Lemon Project

The friendship between Andreea, Bogdan and Felix brings this year to your attention a brand new tastefull, fresh and cool band : Sweet Lemon. They are always ready to change any normal and ordinary situation into a real show. Open to new technologies concerning musical field and attracted to electronic and dance music , the band adopts a dance electro style with all kinds of spices and influences.

He was just a little boy, when he first saw a guitar, at the age of 11. He falls in love with this instrument and begins to study it very conscientiously , until he turns out to be a very good performer. Although Bogdan is the settled down type of guy, at times he likes to surpise people around him, of course in a good way, with unpredictable and unexpected ways of acting. For example you wouldn’t expect him to be a fan of rock music , but he is crazy about rock.
He is called the perfectionist : tenacious in whatever he does and the word “random” is definitely not on his list.
During high-school, he discovers about himself the fact that he likes working in studio, he is eager for recording sessions, he loves putting pieces of music together and later, this makes him accept the challenge of following Sound Editing Courses, within Film University of Bucharest.
Later he becomes member of numerous musical projects , and that is the perfect time for him to get used to stage performing.
2009 brings him the award for “Best Sound Film” for the short movie “Desert Rain” within the international Film Festival – “CINEMA IUBIT”. The same year he wins the Popularity Award, within Battle of Songs ( a composition contest ), for the song Life, in the interpretation of Andreea , whom he meets in 2008 (he sais laughing about it : “I met her on Hi5 because I loved her voice and I wanted to meet her to tell her about my musical plans” ).
At the present he is a musical composer, arranger, producer and performer in his own band. 

She sings since forever. She remembers that in her past lives she was a singer too, so it’s not wrong for us to say that music discovered her and lead her steps in life. Ever since she was a little girl, trying her mama’s shoes she had the feeling that she would become a stage performer.
When you meet her, at first you see her expressive and beautiful image. Then you feel her unlike sensitivity because she has a strange and lovely power to burst into your heart.
Although she is the Dreamer she reserves an inner power and capacity to get over almost any kind of obstacle. When she is on stage he turns into a beautiful, strong and crazy woman in love with her job.
At first she is discovered singing in quires ( starting from the age of 8 ). Here she understands what music is, and what part does it play in her life. She meets Maria Simion (first soloist on flute at the Romanian Opera) with whom she studies at first bell canto . She talks about vocal singing as a great gift. Everybody can learn how to play an instrument, but singing in sacred .
2007 is the year that she is introduced to the romanian public, when she gets the chance to be selected for Romanian Idol. She manages to stay in competition until the final, but she gets the second place. The duet with Paula Seling , on the song Timpul (Time) convinces the public of her authenticity and talent.
The same year she graduates foreign languages within The West University, thing that helps her write her own lyrics in English.
2007 is her lucky year. That is when Sistem Band proposes her to become part of their band. So later on, she records with them the song called “Boca del Inferno”, which turned out to be a really successful summer hit. She joins Sistem in their concerts in Romania and abroad.
2009 sends Andreea to “Golden Stag” International Festival, where she performs in the opening of every night festival together with Sistem. In the night between the years 2009 – 2010 they perform in the Constitution Square were they make a great show together.
2010 is the year that brings Andreea the dream band Sweet Lemon and she sais beautiful things are yet to come and that life without music is a waste of time.

He is the the exotic artist who can make almost any object sound like music. His energy is as overwhelming as a volcano’s and when he performs he unleashes himself inciting the public, especially the ladies. He is a real showman and when you are around him you cannot stay still because his euphoria is contagious. If you are already exhausted you will be surprised to see that he is as fresh as ever , and then you will feel like asking “is this guy serios?”
He studies music at The Music Academy,” George Dima”, in Cluj, and he also follows there a masterclass in percution. The various prizes won before college gave him the chance to be admitted at the academy without any exam , so he is smart, lucky and of course talented.
He experienced during the years the posture of teacher at the “Popular School of Arts”, forming 3 generations of percutionists . But this was just the beginning o his career, following collaborations with numerous bands such as : Slang (the winners o the Golden Stag in 2004), Kum, Sistem, Urma, One, Morandi, Spin, Vh2 , all of them romanian bands, so he is a very notorious , loved and appreciated drum boy.
He remembers one moment that was very important for him, when participating to MTV Exit, which took place in Albania and was organized by Angelina Jolie, whom he admires very much. The way he met Andreea was though an ad : “in search of apartment mate” and then he met Bogdan, who had already befriended her.

After winning europeean's hearts with songs like "Hot", "Deja Vu", "Amazing" ( INNA), "Stereo Love" (Eduard Maya), back in 2009, this year a brand new Romanian band that promises keep up the line. Sweet
Lemon is the band’s name that aims very high with it's first hot single, called "MAKE ME WANNA" produced by Narcotic Sound(Mamasita).

It is amazing that only a week weeks the releasing of the song online, it has registered more that 100 000 viewers.
Open to new technologies concerning musical field and attracted to electronic and dance music , the band adopts a dance electro style with all kinds of spices and influences.

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