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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ekowraith - Waiting For Tonight [Jennifer Lopez] (DJ's From Mars Remix)

Things Men Love About Jennifer Lopez

Creating a list of 10 things men love about Jennifer Lopez is not a hard task.  Jennifer Lopez, aka J.LO, is a dancer, an actress, a singer, and a fashion mogul with her own clothing and fragrance lines.   "J.LO" is also one of the hottest women on Earth, and almost any red-blooded man would desire her; here is a list of ten things men love about Jennifer Lopez.

  • The J.Lo Booty - Women may hate on her and call her booty fat, but her ample derriere is the creamy white filling in most men’s Oreos. Make no mistake, that curvaceous booty is at the top of the list of ten things men love about Jennifer Lopez.
  • Provocative Dancing Skills - Her taunt and sexy abs are almost always visible as she skillfully flexes her body to a beat, and her endless legs can wrap around a pole with ease. Those come-hither dance moves easily place high on the list of ten reasons why men love Jennifer Lopez.
  • Soft Feminine Demeanor - The combination of the way she walks, talks, and the overall way she carries herself makes her demeanor the epitome of soft femininity. Most people would place that feature high on a list of ten things men love about Jennifer Lopez.
  • Sultry Singing Voice - Whether she is singing a passionate love song like “I Could Fall in Love with You,” or delivering specific instructions for how she wants to be treated, as in “My Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” Jennifer Lopez has one of the sexiest singing voices in the music industry.
  • Spicy Latin Speaking Voice - In the past, J.Lo has been criticized for not speaking perfect Spanish, but her attempts at rolling an "R" are hot enough to cause an “eargasm” for most men. Her spicy Latin speaking voice, perfect or not, is just one of the 10 reasons why men love Jennifer Lopez.


  • Sweet “Girl Next Door” Acting Roles - From “The Wedding Planner” to “Monster in Law,” Jennifer Lopez has been somewhat typecast into playing the “girl next door” type of roles. Every guy wants to fall in love with the sweet, unassuming girl next door, and that is one of the biggest reasons why men love Jennifer Lopez.
  • Luxurious Locks - Her luxurious tresses are incredibly beautiful, whether they are perfectly straight and bluntly cut, or elaborately twisted in a fall of massive curls. Her sexy head of hair is definitely one of the ten reasons why men love Jennifer Lopez.
  • Ultra Sexy Sense of Style - Whether she’s wearing a simple white shirt and a pair of jeans from her JLO collection, or a form fitting black leather ensemble like the one in her video for “Get Right,” Jennifer Lopez has an ultra-sexy sense of style.
  • Cinnamon and Honey Skin Tone - JLo’s skin tone is reminiscent of a sweet and luscious combination of cinnamon and honey. Nothing beats a woman with smooth and sexy skin, and men love Jennifer Lopez because her natural skin color is the shade of a perfect sun-kissed tan.
  • Megawatt Smile - What man doesn’t want a woman with a beautiful smile? Jennifer Lopez has one of the prettiest smiles in all of Hollywood – whether it is 100% natural or not, she wears it well, and her smile is definitely one of the ten things men love about Jennifer Lopez.

Article source:, written by Sapphochelle. All rights reserved to the author in the specified source.

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