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Monday, September 20, 2010

Zhenya Kim - Oblaka (Progressive House Mix)

A Night in Vladivostok

"On the list of Russian club-centers Vladivostok is nominated as one of the most advanced, being placed next to Moscow, St.Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Local DJs are quite professional, they are in demand and actively invited to night-clubs of regional and territory centers of the Far East.  Vladivostok clubs, in their turn bring Moscow DJs here, though rarely.  Celebrities' trips cost a lot.
The entrance price lists may vary. Sometimes, a certain local group works all the night long with a high quality for mere $1000-2000. While a mega-glamour DJ, widely known in certain small circles of the capital may claim up $10,000 for a 15-minutes appearance. The payment depends upon the method of order: either through "star" managers, or through local agencies.
What music is played in Vladivostok clubs? The same as in the clubs of Moscow, Peter, London or Amsterdam, maybe just a few weeks later. Digital technologies and Internet make the club music quite similarly accessible all over the world. There are all the modern varieties of the club music: house, hip-hop, funk, disco, break-dance, R'n'B, progressive, electro, techno, drum-'n-base, trans, as well as old good pop and live music. Quite often a DJ is mixing a number of compositions and in the resulting remix even a professional could hardly determine where one style ends and another starts.
Usually a club is welcoming its visitors with the high quality light and sound, a playing DJ, comfortable space for the rest and dances. The programs with anchor men and contests have gone back. Vocalists practically don't work at night clubs, only in restaurants. Strip-tease and karaoke are the "move ton". The main performers of a night-club are a DJ and an MC (namely - Master-Ceremony master). Another integral part of the clubs' rest - go-go girls, who all the night long are igniting the public with their rhythmic body movements.  Classic night clubs are not limited to: "Out Hall", "Dance house", "Placebo", "Jumanji", "Zabriski Point", "Yellow submarine", "Davydoff", "Count Point". There are some other worthy clubs too.
Usually, the security, administration and the face-controllers are watching out for drugs taking in a club. And not just because of moral reasons, but because of economic ones: ecstasy lovers are non-profitable for the clubs. If a visitor was noticed to use drugs, the club administration puts him on a "black list" and entrance to this club is closed for him.
What is the club dress fashion? None. If in your life you dress in the "hip-hop" style, you may go that way to the club. If you are a bank clerk or a lawyer and you are such a "yappy," you may come to the club in a dress suit with a tie (though, in that latter case you'll be hardly let in into the R'n'B club). One can come to the club in Soviet era sports shoes and to hear approving remarks. Anyhow, the Far East clubbers cannot be proud of freedom like clubbers in London or in Moscow. There are a couple of clubs for people of sexual minorities. But the so-called sex-clubs, the main task of which is to diversify the sexual menu of the striving visitors don't exist in the Far East. However, as of late strip-bars and strip-clubs have appeared in Vladivostok. The first one was opened in the "Davydoff", the second one, "Abordage", appeared just recently next to the "Seven feet" restaurant. A distinguishing characteristic of strip-bars are the girls dancing non-stop, stripping during the dance. Periodically some kind of an erotic show happens, an erotic dance is for a separate payment."

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Carl said...

Interesting to read that the Russian club-centers Vladivostok is nominated as one of the most advanced,and also the picture about it,is also good.


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