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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Grigore Lese - Pasaruca de pe munte (Roberto Bruno Remix)

Grigore Lese sings Romanian folk music at Shanghai EXPO 2010

"Grigore Lese’s concert on the stage in Europe Square, in Shanghai opened the special events scheduled to happen on Romania’s National Day, at the Shanghai EXPO 2010, on Sunday July 25.
According to the release the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE), over 500 viewers were watching, a-90 minute genuine Romanian folk music show, presenting ancient songs that succeeded mesmerizing the audience, making them to step beyond cultural and language boundaries.
Lese’s repertoire encompassed genuine Romanian folk songs marking the important events of Man’s life, like birth, baptism, wedding, and burial, along with contemporary ballet and very old music performances.
‘I’ve been excited, because I was singing in an open square, instead of a performance hall. People come, watch the show, go shopping, admire things, talk and leave. Despite all this, they were attracted and kept watching the show, they came and listened to our music. I chose a recital binding together musical structures of the Asian culture,’ the protagonist confessed for the Romanian pavilion’s newsroom.

Poland’s Consul in Shanghai Tomasz Rogowski, attending the show on Sunday, said that the Romanian singer’s performance was one of the most successful of Shanghai EXPO 2010, so far. ‘It was an authentic show, to the most proper sense of the word. A show that marks you, the maestro who was singing is a perfect artist.
In a globalized world where all things begin looking alike, Romania, today, has offered us something quite different. Such shows represent genuine values, I was watching the show fully fascinated,’ Rogowski said. Grigore Lese’s performance contributed to the affirmation of the Romanian identity at the Shanghai EXPO 2010, mirroring the Romanian people’s creativity and bringing together several cultures whose universal denominator is the folklore’s genuiness." Article source:

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