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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Anda Adam - Cadillac (ZoZo Remix)

"Fascinated with the entertainment system, Anda Adam is one of the most influent figures in Romanian show-biz since the age of 17.
Born on April 27 Bucharest-Romania, Anda Adam marked very fast her possibilities in music, and the industry marked her very fast as one of the most promising artist at the time. For several years, Anda was the favorite studio voice for most powerful producers, the favorite show partner for the best artists,and the favorite media subject for TV, radio and press.
Her first album with Marius Moga had a strong impact with media. They are already aware of Anda’s spectacular shows:100% live with a very powerful voice, energy, amazing choreography and a very professional dance team. “Selecta” feat. Alex, was an instant hit, followed by the song that was climbing the charts ,”Ajutor“. “Nai,Nai“, song from the same “Confidential” album, brings a new featuring, this time with Bishop, being one of the favorite song at the moment and top of all playlist for radio stations. “Ochii mei“,a successful song from “Confidential” album, has a very well done videoclip produced by Julian Moga . Smiley and Randy brought their contribution too, matching very good Anda’s musical style. As a result of all this good job done, Anda Adam won a Gold and Platinum Disc for sales .
Soon after her success, Anda accepted the proposal of PRO TV to be part of the famous show “Dancing with the Stars“. Being a very good dancer, Anda delighted the viewers with an amazing performance, wishing from her heart to help her partner to win the competition.
December 2008 – is the beginning of her collaboration with record company Media Pro Music.
January – just in a few months Anda released a new album “Queen of Hearts“. 10 songs , pop-dance and R&B ,in romanian and english language. “Punani“, first single of this album, has a very dynamic videoclip, where Anda, besides her vocal qualities, shows amazing dance skill next to Deenice, one of Mariah Carey’s dancers who traveled from Germany to be part of Anda’s videoclip.
The most representative song from “Queen of Hearts” album is still ……”My Soul“. With this song, Anda wished to bring close to her soul all her fans, and the videoclip didn’t do anything more then to complete her wish.
Her single, “Love On You“, marked the beginning of a new sound in Anda’s career: club music." Article source:

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