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Monday, March 1, 2010

Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djins (Steve Mill Remix)

"Djuma Soundsystem is Norwegian Mikkas and Danish Lars B who both live in Copenhagen. They met first time when they DJed at one of Copenhagens longest running club nights, the Sunday club “Offline”, and quickly became unseparable friends and production partners. Mikkas and Lars’ producer career started in a for club music producers somewhat odd way; In 2001 they composed and produced the music for the ballet “Off The Record” for The Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen. A ballet that merged classical music with elements of new electronic genres. The story of Djuma Soundsystem began a couple of years later in 2003, when Mikkas and Lars B decided to make a tune under the following dogma: to make an ethnical sounding club banger, that wasn’t cheesy!? Mikkas and Lars B has remixed, produced and coproduced tracks under many different monikers, such as Ben Horn and Def Jaguar. They have just finished remixing a track for Philipe Cohen Solal (Gotan Project) under their Ben Horn moniker, for his Moonshine sessions project on Ya Basta records and are releasing as Def Jaguar on Danish based label Big Star records and IO in UK. As DJs Lars and Mikkas has been playing for over a decade, all over Europe, and residencies includes Vega, Culture Box and Rust in Copenhagen. Their sound as producers is very varied, ranging from balearic disco vibes to straight up slammers, but always with a focus on grooves and recogniseable melody lines."         Article source:

Steve Mill's Remix seems to be the best remix of this track. I can tell this for sure. Fantasy music theme. - Magazin online cu adidasi, haine si accesorii

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