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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Amsterdam Avenue & Dj Jungle – Destination Unknown

Great tune from Amsterdam Avenue with "Destination Unknown", remixed by Dj Jungle, in a "retro electro" style. This time it's all in the lyrics and that special guitar guiding line.  Before listening to this one, let us share a few words about low-range speakers. " All subwoofers produce acoustical pressure, and that is what your ear responds to. The only place where you will hear the bass output that your subwoofer produces exclusively is out of doors (or in an anechoic chamber). But soon as you put a subwoofer into a room, the sound waves bounce back and forth between the parallel surfaces of the room, some combining or "adding," which will emphasize those sounds, and others canceling each other out, which results in a null. If you are sitting in a null, you won't hear any deep bass at all. Conversely, if your chair is in a location where standing waves peak, you will likely hear boomy, one-note bass (you won't be able to follow the tuneful bass line of a recording, for example). Sometimes, by just moving a foot or two, the deep bass will "magically" reappear." Article source:

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