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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crazy Win – Beautiful Lover (Dj Andi Remix)

"Before u came I was lost
My dream was falling apart
Nobody came at my door
But u’ve came right from the start
I realize in the end
That love as came back to me
U bring me back to me
Before u came I was lost
My dream was falling apart
U’ve changed my love
Now because I loved u right from the start
Don’t be afraid to get lost
Don’t be afraid, let it be
‘Cause baby u get me" (Part of "Beautiful Lover" lyrics)

Another great work under the Play&Win brand, asigned for a new-entry band called Crazy Win - "Beautiful Lover". The official release of this track creates a deep and soft atmosphere, while keeping a limit between "dance" and "club" music genres. No need to correct, just improve. The bass line got changed, the voices are clearified. So, basically, we have a new cover for "Beautiful Lover", reworked by Dj Andi.  Sweet one. - Magazin online cu adidasi, haine si accesorii

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