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Friday, March 19, 2010

4 Strings – Take Me Away (Dave Darell Remix)

"It has been decades already that people with mobile electronic systems in their vehicles, particularly car stereos, have pushed it to the limit in order to have the best quality of sound. Once before our grandparent''s cars have these static-filled and bulky AM radios. Then, these gave way to the cassette tape playing stereos and FM broadcasts used in our parent''s cars. Nowadays, car manufacturers offer digital mobile electronic systems that use CD players and even satellite radio that has MP3 playing compatibility. Then, the car audio was further enhanced by surround sound speaker systems. The concept behind this enhancement is having all the speakers inside your vehicle set up like the surround sound audio system that brings the sound experience of a movie theater in your living room." Article source: If we are to take things a little bit further, we should consider elements like high powered amplifiers, large subwoofers and custom designed speaker spaces optimized for best quality sound as in a chapter called "car audio tunning".

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