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Monday, March 29, 2010

Dj Ralmm & Ciprian Robu – I Love This Beat (Delyno Remix)

Straight from the "I Have The World" producer, on today's episode we bring you a special hot remix, and this is for real! Delyno mixed up a sensational track called "I Love This Beat" in a way that no one could. "Who is Delyno?! Seriously....Who is Delyno?! :-o He is a great guy, on his real name, Ionut Murgoci! Really! If you don't believe it... then talk to him and be his friend! He is a composer, a Lyrics Writer and a Dj Producer! Delyno is creating and creating and when he's not creating he's thinking about creating!! WT... is he creating?! Then....he composes vocal lines for some projects and for anyone who has need of comercial melodic lines on their great sounds! Then he writes lyrics for his and other guys projects....then he works on his own sound... That, hopefully, he will make it us hear as soon as posible! He is also producing tracks for bands, singers, advertising and so on, in other genres, but that's other stuff! He is also available as a DJ for shows, etc.." Article source: Delyno on MySpace.

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