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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yves Larock – Rise Up (Jake Wamsley Electro Remix)

"My dream is to fly...over the high! Yves Larock is one of world’s most recognised producers and a highly renowned international DJ. Over the past few years Yves has been behind a string of international cross-over hits such as ‘Zookey’, ‘Rise Up’ and ‘By Your Side’. Taking influence from a wide musical spectrum, Yves unique production style brings together elements of House, Hip-Hop, R&B, Ragga, Reggae and Electro with devastating effect. In the summer of 2007, ‘Rise Up’ began rocking dance floors and its potential was quickly recognised as it picked up major radio support from the likes of Kiss FM (UK) and through Pete Tong on Radio One. The commercial response to this early support was phenomenal and demand soared. ‘Rise Up’ went on to be licensed to 28 labels throughout the world, released in 48 countries and appeared on a large number of high profile compilations. It achieved massive commercial success both in terms of CD sales and Radio Airplay, where it spent over a year on Airplay Charts in territories such as Russia, Canada, Holland, Switzerland and Romania.

Yves Larock is, without doubt, an extremely talented and creative individual. Both in the studio and behind the decks, his unique vision allows his material and DJ sets to appeal across the board; to both the underground and commercial audience. Yves Larock is a producer and a DJ to follow in 2010!!" Article source:

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