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Monday, March 8, 2010

Dj Nick & Mc Giany – Sound Of Rain (Nick Kamarera Dub Mix)

"A Romanian psychoanalyst would give millions ( of new lei) to get Freud back to life and to debate psychiatry problems. Probably a Romanian writer would do the same with Shakespeare. Corina, the idol of many Romanian teenagers, declared that her dream is to sing with Robbie Williams. But I have a question? Why isn’t Robbie Williams’ dream to sing with Corina? Being a naïve question, APPARENTLY, I could find many answers: because Robbie has an entire career and Corina is newer in in the industry, because his type of music is different from her’s, because she hasn’t really the best voice and most of all…because Robbie Williams didin’t even hear  about Corina. I wonder why Romanian artists are not as promoted as foreign singers are and some of them don’t even have voices as good as some Romanian artists do. Bad luck, not to say the handicap not to be born into a powerful country minimizes the chance to have international success. Excessive promotion, serious financiers, glamorous shows…all these assures longevity on the international stages and record sales. The spectacular fall of some international artists proves that they weren’t more than backstage puppets. Young people should be shown that they can choose local artists and not because of a false patriotic feeling…but because they are worth it. I must admit that some Romanian artist have international success and they are enjoying the applauses of foreign public from all the continents. I don’t know how much it reflects the artistic potential of Romania, but at her time, the band Ozone hit the jackpot. The Japanese sang at the same time with Germans lyrics which are hard to say even for Romanians, without having any idea what they are saying . The intelligent promotion or maybe the good luck of the guys brought Romania fame even in the artistic area. Moreover, Romanian club music started to be very appreciated outside. Being in Greece, I heard on and on songs like Stereo Love ( its video was filmed there). I saw that big international names are on banners in Romania, in cities like Bucharest or Timisoara. The fans of Rolling Stones assisted he band in Romania, R&B lovers enjoyed Beyonce on the Romanian stage, Shakira offered her passion to the Romanian people on Latino rhythms and 50 Cent appeared for Rap fans. That means that Romania started to be seen differently and this gives us hope that Romanian singers will be seen without being called “thieves, rapists, gipsy”. If we entered EU ( on feet, with dogs and pigs and everything we have), why don’t we take a chance and enter the international music?   We have enough talent, and guts ( cause we are Romanians). Let’s hope we hear as many Romanian songs as possible when we travel and see many Romanian videos on foreign channels." Article source:

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