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Monday, March 15, 2010

Haddaway – What Is Love (Electro Remix)

"When you think of a strobe light you may think of many different things. For many people the idea of strobe lights conjures up days spent in a night club but there are many different uses for these lights. In fact, there are people who are getting more and more creative with the strobe light all of the time, incorporating them into new and interesting decorative elements. A strobe light also has many functional uses that you may not even be aware of. Night clubs often use strobes because they give the effect that everyone is moving in slow motion, which is also known as temporal aliasing. Strobes can be timed so that they move to the music, which can make dancing the night away a lot of fun and quite a head trip if you stay in the strobes for too long!" Let's face it, strobo flashing makes you loose control and feel high! I think club lights, including strobo, laser shows and digital screens make a good subject for expanding in later articles. Article source:

Magazin oficial Catalin Botezatu

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