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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Re – Fuge Harry Game 2 (CJ Stone Remix – Saltwater Mashup)

There is no straight forward path to becoming a success in the world of dance music, if you are a DJ, producer or both it seems very difficult to go from bedroom oblivion to superclub stardom.  Using turntables, CD players or an MP3 player, a DJ selects and plays music in some type of a club setting. The setting may be a neighborhood party, a small club, a disco, a rave, or even a stadium. A professional DJ must love music and entertain people. The main focus of a DJ is on the music they play and how they mix beats and remix tracks in and out of each other or also just to add a bit of energy to a track. A DJ will build a set by choosing tracks to control the energy level of the crowd and use beatmixing techniques to create seamless transitions between tracks. Laser light shows, small party games and stylish gigs also add to the overall performance levels of professional Disc Jockeys. Music Disc Jockeys can also take in requests about the songs that should be played from the audience, in order to ensure that the guests remain pleased with the music being belted out. A theoretical online study of various music videos, genres and styles is necessary too. A well-trained professional music DJ can indeed add to the overall attractive features of any party or social gathering.

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