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Friday, February 26, 2010

Deepcentral – In Love (Allexinno Red Rose Remix)

George and Doru started working on their project by the 2006 winter. While taking some time and working close to other music producers in their studio, ideas started to show up and get shaped as a new concept, but there were no good results until two years later. On the stage, George takes up the mixing part, while Doru completes their performance with his voice, one of the best male voice in romanian music.  "The Deepcentral Project" was made  just as we felt, without actually thinking on contracts, without any pressures. We were both used that for the final product the producer will give his accept or deny for the release, the final word belongs to him", said the boys in an interview. New music style, a look in trend and a voice with personality are just a few elements that makes Deepcentral a succesful romanian music band.

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