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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Noir – My MTV (Kaito Remix)

"MTV is a socially aware channel
MTV is basking in the glow of critical acclaim
MTV is just a sign of how weird i've become
MTV makes me wanna see tv
MTV makes me wanna switch the channel over to MTV
MTV is selling American musician short
What MTV needs is to get back it's roots, way back
I love MTV
MTV is all about providing a platform for the voice of young people
MTV is a global brand which thinks and acts locally
MTV is an exercise in multi-tasking
MTV is a beacon for popular culture
MTV is viewed in over 342 million household in 140 countries
MTV is a lifestyle channel now
MTV is the most wanted music channel
MTV is all about learning what kids really what
MTV is trying to expand the music business
MTV is running hip-hop
MTV is about money making
MTV is evil
MTV is the root of all evil
MTV is beating it
MTV is youth marketing empire
MTV is actually a music flavored television station
MTV just knows what it's all about
MTV is the bomb
MTV is feeling the backlash of it's superbowl half-time show
MTV is not the first media group to stay in such a none event
MTV is pissed at my Kelly Osbourne
MTV is freakin' weird
MTV has now becoming a powerful retailer
MTV is the envy of media brands around the world
MTV is popular
MTV is the shit" (Part of "My MTV lyrics)

These lyrics bring up some weird crossed-phrases, mostly true and kinda funny. I found the Kaito Mix of "My MTV" by Noir, wich actually sounds good, not as good as the Decaff Remix, but I'm not able to find it anymore on the web. I'll have to wait for directions from you.

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