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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Narcotic Thrust – I Like It (Waveshock Pres. Elite Sound Remix)

"Narcotic Thrust comprises of multi-talented DJ/Producer duo Andy Morris and Stuart Crichton. Although the name may appear to be a new one for many, the pair have been working both together and independently in the dance scene for over ten years. It should be pointed out that Narcotic Thrust’s name comes not from references to intravenous drug abuse or even from substance enhanced sexual activity, but is simply an anagram of Stuart’s name! Stuart began with some seminal slabs of progressive house on Limbo Records in the early 90’s under such guises as "Havana" as well as remixing the big names of the day such as The Grid and Rozalla. Then under the name Umboza he scored 2 top 15 hits for Positiva Records with “Cry India” and “Sunshine”. Stuart continued to write and produce with cream of the dance industry. He was recently responsible for the cheeky mash-up of Kylie and New Order used on the Brit Awards. Native Australian Andy teamed up with Stuart in London on the back of successful DJ residencies at The Leisure Lounge and Club UK. Since then Andy has taken up a weekly spot on Kiss FM and toured the globe with his record box, while making records for labels such as Jive, Whoop! And Pitch Black (NYC) and compiling a successful "Parallels" mix album for Logic Records. Andy’s dancefloor sensibilities and Stuart’s production skills led to Narcotic Thrust’s first release “Funky Acid Baby” aired on the now defunct Indochina Records. Some juicy remixes for Apollo 404, Real 2 Real and Amen UK followed."                                                      Article source:

Today we're talking about "I Like It", a dance hit originally released in 2004. Waveshock Pres. Elite Sound tried to show us a "facelift" of it, making it totally different.

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