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Friday, February 19, 2010

Global Deejays – Everybody’s Free (Rework & Rozalla Club Mix)

"Global Deejays is an Austrian dance trio composed of DJ Taylor (Konrad Schreyvogl), DJ Mikkel (Mikkel Christensen) and FLOw (Florian Schreyvogl). Their first three singles were big hits in Europe. They remixed “The Sound Of San Francisco”, A Mix of “Stars On 45” along with several other songs. They’re very popular, and have a similar sound with other Djs like Benny Benassi, Global Playboys, Vinylshakerz, Royal Gigolos and the Disco Kings. The Global Deejays established themselves firmly in the international dance scene with the “Sound of San Francisco”. The three musicians produce their tracks in their own studios and are also very successful with other projects. As DJ’s they stand at the forefront of music and constantly supply worldwide dancefloors withbwere nominated for many awards (Echo), and even won some of them, including the Polish ESKA Award and the Russian MTV Energy Award." Article source:
I believe a good mix will always tell a story. A good mix will have a gradual build up and hard break down. A good mix will always have a general theme in terms of genre and will always leave the crowd wanting more. Now, what separates a good DJ from a great DJ is a great one will always play off the crowd's general mood/vibe and use it against them to really spark up the feeling. This is probably why I love to spin vocals so much because if you choose the right vocal track, so much emotion can be invoked...". Wonder what this is? It's just an opinion of one's passion for clubbing. Music can say lot of things, finding the right way to understand the story line behind the scenary makes it difficult, but so much appreciated.

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