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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stereo Touch - It's A Fine Day (Relight Orchestra Club Mix)

"The Relight Orchestra is a project that was created by Robert 'Eno' Relight (one of Italy's biggest DJ's), Alex Montana (voice and percussion) and Mark Lanzetta (Violin and vocals). Under this guise the trio began to create house music that had strong connections with disco music from the seventies and eighties with the result being a wonderful mixing pot of real played solos and the right kind of electronic elements. Their productions have not only gained great success on the clubbing scene all over the globe but have also been featured in soundtracks and program inserts on varied important film and television projects. Their live shows are always a favourite with the club goers due to a very professional blend of factors; Robert Eno has over the years mastered the art of DJ'ing in so much that his choice of music and the way in which it is presented gives maximum priority to making the crowd enjoy themselves offering them tunes that not only move the dancefloor but also never becoming boring or banal. Add to this the masterful way in which Alex incites the crowd in a way that is always exciting but never invasive with his vocals and percussive inserts backed up by musician Mark who with his Violin makes you dream and the final outcome is a show that leaves people wanting more and more.

The Relight Orchestra is today one of those few realities that doesn't just think about what they like but instead how they can please their public and this is mirrored in the way that clubs ask them to come back time and again." Article source:

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