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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lavinia - La Luna (DJ Yaang Remix)

London clubbing and fashion through time

"Ever since London's first night club 'The Cave Of The Golden Calf' opened its doors in 1912, the big smoke's clubbing circuit, just like the rest of the world's, has been the place for self-expression. And with self-expression comes exhibitionism, with fashion at the forefront of how clubbers display their individuality. Over the decades, we've seen everything from ultra-glamorous disco divas and extravagant performance artists in spandex and lurex looks, to rude boys in fluorescent boiler suits with their whistles, white gloves and Vicks-smothered face masks. London's clubs consistently provide young wild things with the ultimate stage and they're certainly not afraid to loose their inhibitions, take to the spotlight and display their much-celebrated fashion flair. Back in the 70s the London scene was all about disco, and with disco London's answer to Studio 54 arrived - Embassy. Opening in 1978 Embassy quickly became the place to be as hundreds of cool kids flocked through its doors. Girls were dressed to the nines in figure-hugging lycra designs embellished with glittering sequins, and boys paraded in Saturday Night Fever inspired suits and skinny-fit shirts. Glamour was key and people would bust the most stylish moves in the decadent club to the sound of Argentinean DJ Greg James (the man often credited for bringing mixing to the UK) plus instant floor-fillers by Marvin Gaye, Donna Summer and Boney M.  With disco's euphoric sound allowing you to completely loose yourself in the music, it wasn't long before people started pushing the fashion boundaries and began to embrace their extravagant alter egos. In the early 80s, a group of then-unknowns took to frequenting pop singer Steve Strange's Blitz nightclub in Covent Garden, dressed head to toe in avant-garde clothes and wearing statement-making makeup. The group adopted the nickname The Blitz Kids and among them was Culture Club's Boy George, Spandau Ballet's Gary Kemp and even the late fashion editor, Isabella Blow. Together the kids raised a new bar in terms of London's fashion, inspiring thousands as they showcased a flamboyant fancy dress aesthetic. Looks ranged from androgynous pin stripe three-piece suits covered in chains, to space age metallic jumpsuits - and all with requisite theatrical make-up. As these performance artists embraced New Romantic style, the trend rapidly blossomed in rebellion to punk, and London very quickly became a playground for extreme fashion competition.

Today, London's cool kids are a stylish crowd and look to everyone from fashion designers Henry Holland, Gareth Pugh and Rick Owens, plus DJs and producers like David Guetta, Richie Hawtin and Ellen Allien for fashion inspiration.
In 2010, clubbers desire to dress individually is stronger than ever. London is experiencing a surge of smaller, more intimate events at super-cool locations which focus strictly on the music. Here you will find quirky-cool clubbers expressing themselves in everything from printed harem pants paired with vintage sequin tops and flats to hillbilly-chic check shirts, rolled up skinny jeans, sleeveless denim jackets and deck shoes. And, as German producer and fashion designer Ellen Allien describes, now is the time where fashion experimentation is at its height, with 2010 being her favorite fashion decade; "If I have to give an opinion on which epoch had the best club fashion then definitely the current one." An understandable choice as after all, clubbing and fashion is all about the present moment - and in London's clubs one thing is for sure; for as long as there is new music, there will continue to remain a constant changing catwalk well and truly at the heart of the cities night life." Source & Full article available at

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