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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vibers & Connect-R - Free Your Mind "2010 Official Liberty Parade Anthem" (Cosy Pumpin Remix)

" Organized by Vibe FM, Liberty Parade is the greatest street dance music event in Romania. In 2008, over 60,000 people came to listen to the world’s most famous DJs mixing on trucks. At the same time, Liberty Parade takes pride in its longevity on the Romanian music event market, reaching this year its ninth edition.
Despite its indisputable success, the visual identity of the event was different each and every year, out of the desire to keep up with the ever-changing visual trends in music events category. Throughout the years, this ongoing change led to major inconsistencies that made the brand less recognizable than desirable.
Thus, Vibe FM approached BrandTailors team to create a new visual identity for Liberty Parade that would have the potential to remain relevant for a long period of time, so that it would sustain the growth of brand value.The major dilemma was the result of the encounter between two main issues: on the first hand, dealing with a music event brand, it became obvious that the identity had to be adaptable and relevant to the trends on this market, defined in itself by the concept of never ending change; on the other hand, adopting the graphic style fashionable over a certain period of time would have made the visual identity vulnerable to changing visual trends.
The solution suggested by BrandTailors has its roots in acknowledging the fact that „if you are never in fashion, you can never be out of fashion” and the only element able to fulfill this principle is an icon. Thus, it became obvious that the Liberty Parade logo was to be developed from the start as a visual icon: simple, visually striking and classic at the same time. An icon is an icon as long as it bears a message, a concept, an idea that is in itself eternal and unique; Liberty Parade embodies the idea of the diversity of shapes that act as symbols for freedom, that is the way that each participant understands to express his or her personal freedom at this event. This is how we came up with the elements that make the logotype – every letter that forms the words Liberty Parade - bears one of the iconic elements through which people express their freedom, within different space or time frames: the Converse star, Havaianas flip-flops, Ray Ban Wayfarer, the shape of an iPod or the sewing outline of Levi’s jeans.
“It was a project that allowed us total freedom – Vibe FM let us create anything we deemed appropriate for Liberty Parade but, at the same time, the context of the project brought the greatest limitation: create something that can be renewed year after year, but would fundamentally remain a recognizable image at a glance: that is - a flexible icon. I think we came up with the perfect solution for this paradox” - Diana Papuc, Graphic Designer.
In order to maintain the novelty element essential to this category, the Liberty Parade identity was designed to be expressed by means of different textures: for the 2009 edition, the contours that make up the logo represent the glow sticks that animate every music event." Article source:
As for the 2010 edition, it's gonna be located at Venus-Saturn Beach, on 24 July. Anyone over 18 years old is free to join. Liberty Parade 2010 info, program and guest list can be found at (romanian).

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