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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ray Isaac - You Want Or You Don't (GrooveShakerz Remix)

"Ray Isaac is Australia's first singing DJ. He has shaped himself into a brand that is sought after by producers and labels that admire his intoxicating lyrics and his insanely original performance style.
Based in Sydney, his signature style expresses pain, love and redemption that moves fiercely between fear and functional and has placed him in a position to dictate his own brand of pop-infused soul. 
His single ‘I don’t give a damn’, released through Ministry of Sound (2007), strumpets through the confines of genre and sounds like a redux lesson in all that is good about pop music. No small feat for an artist that boasts an extensive repertoire monopolising all music fields.
His 2007 follow-up track ‘Such a Fool’ (EXM Records) is an all-consuming lyrical narrative that morphs quickly into a raw disclosure of modest insight. That’s the way Ray is – all or nothing – when speaking about his infectious talent. Collaborations with Robbie Rivera (Stand By Me), Ministry of Sound (‘I don’t give a damn’), Dario Nunez (Four to the floor), WaWa (Let me Live again) and the inclusion of two new songs in the Australian feature film ‘Cedar Boys’(2010) has cemented Ray as a formidable songwriter and performer. Ray is support Act for Cascada at the Endless Summer Music Festival 2010.
With a background of study at the Actors pulse, Ray acts up to the crowd in his new re-invention of DJ by teasing his audience with pop/house remixes saturated with tribal undertones in brooding arrangements that hark back to the day of old-fashioned hands-in-the-air fanfare. His success is built on his ability to combine, as illustrated by Time Out Sydney, a brilliant ‘electro retro-funk’ vibe to ignite his audience into a frenzy.
Together with his desire to create and impress both the media and himself, Ray’s Las Vegas bravado will cement his place in an ever-changing scene in which he has an insatiable hunger for, yet still avoiding contained statements of boundaries. Soon the buzz surrounding Ray Isaac will become a roar." Article source: Ray Isaac on Facebook.

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