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Sunday, July 11, 2010

DJ Project Mixes

"DJ Project is a Romanian trance music group, made up of Gino Manzotti (Handke Giuseppe) and DJ Maxx (Ovidiu Florea) as producers and Elena Baltagan as the vocalist. The group was formed in 2000 in Timişoara, with their first album, Experience, released in 2001. At the MTV Europe Music Awards 2006, DJ Project were awarded with "Best Romanian Act" prize. In 2006 and 2007 the group has received the award for the best dance group at the MTV Romania Awards. At the end of June 2007 they released their sixth album, Două Anotimpuri. In early 2008, Robbins Entertainment picked up DJ Project for their first American release, Before I Sleep. The album is dubbed under the name "Elena", the same advertising name used in England. The album was released on iTunes on March 18, 2008 and was available in CD format on April 1, 2008. In the summer of 2009 Elena left DJ Project as a result of their earlier conflicts, Elena taking the decision to go on a solo career. After a previous collaboration with DJ Project for the song “Prima noapte”, Giulia Anghelescu became the new singer of the group. The new project is called DJ Project feat. Giulia." Article source:
"Gino Manzotti, on his real name Handke Giuseppe, was born on 22 January 1972, in Arad. He lived in Germany from 1990 to 1999. There, after putting music in a café, he started mixing in the best known club of the Bayern region, his fame as a DJ continually increasing. Therefore, he was invited to mix in Forum, Alcatraz, Metropolis or Nightfly, where he performed with many internationally recognized DJ`s, like Tom Novy, Sven Vath, Marusha, Westbam, Talla 2XLC, Tiesto, Tomcraft or ATB. In 2002, he performed at one of the major house events in the world, the Love Parade in Berlin. After returning in Romania, due to his friendship with Tommy Serano, Tom Novy, Tomcraft and ATB, he organized many events in Romanian clubs, where special guests were famous DJ`s such as Da Hool, Andry Nalin, Voodoo & Serano, Max Graham, Smokin Jo, Dave Seaman, Margaret Dygas, Miss Sylvie, ATB, Moguai. Presently, besides being a member of the well known musical group DJ Project, he performs as a DJ in clubs all around the country, also taking care, together with Maxx, of the trendiest club in Timisoara, Zambara.
Maxx, on his real name Ovidiu Florea, was born on 7 July 1973, in Alba Iulia. Passionate to music, he started the classes of the School of Popular Art, the Percussion section. During highschool, he was member of a rock band, being attracted to the music of Guns’n’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Metallica, AC/DC, but also to the pop group Depeche Mode. The first major concert he went to was the one of Prodigy, at the beginning of the 90`s, which he describes as an unforgettable experience. He performed as a DJ in many clubs in his hometown and, in 1997, he became resident of Park Place club in Timisoara. He was invited to mix in clubs all over Romania, having the opportunity to perform with famous DJ`s, such as ATB, Moguai, Marusha, Da Hool, Andry Nalin, Voodoo&Serano, Dave Seaman, Max Graham, Smokin’ Jo, Level K. Like Gino, he is presently member of DJ Project, but also one of the most appreciated DJ`s of Romania.
                                           ELENA                                                                                         GIULIA

Elena Baltagan, the voice of DJ Project, was born on 28 February 1984, in Buzau. She attended the classes of the local Art Highschool. At present, she is a student at the Faculty of Music, part of the Western University of Timisoara. In the 9th grade, she began taking part in musical contests and festivals, such as the ones in Ploiesti, Baia Mare, Nehoiu, Mangalia (Callatis), Buzau, where she won many prizes. She became member of DJ Project in 2004, alongside with the album “Lumea ta”. Meanwhile, she was a canto teacher at a private music school in Bucharest. Due to her amazing voice, with a warm and unique timbre, she is considered to be one of the best singers in Romania and the most interesting voice of the last years." Article source:

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