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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adrian Sana - Hold On (Original Club Mix)

A burst of creativity and extravagance at the Liberty Parade

"The beach between resorts Venus and Saturn could barely contain the 50,000 young people who gathered on Saturday at the Liberty Parade, the biggest Romanian dance music event, according to The party kicked off around 16:00, in Olimp.
Hundreds of youngsters walked from there, accompanied by three trucks bearing DJs who mixed live up to the Liberty Parade arena on the beach between Saturn and Venus. The party people danced in the streets and some of them donned original costumes. By midnight, the arena was bursting with people. “It’s great, so cool. The greatest concert of 2010. It’s not my first time here. I come here every year,” one of the young people attending the event said.

“It’s OK, it’s awesome. There’s chaos, it’s very crowded, but it’s awesome. We’re doing great,” another said. The party spirit was kept alive by 20 top DJs, who mixed until daybreak. The Liberty Parade caravan, made up of three open trucks in which the DJs mixed live, passed through the seaside resorts.
The organizers also prepared a special Michael Jackson tribute. Michael Jackson’s figure, projected on the white screen, performed alongside dancers wearing light-fitted suits. This was followed by the three members who make up Above & Beyond, the most appreciated trio in trance music. Hotel owners in Southern seaside resorts took advantage of the number of tourists pouring in just for the weekend and raised their prices by RON 50. However, most of the youngsters rented rooms in villas, where the price for a night in a flat amounts to EUR 100." Article source:

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