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Monday, July 5, 2010

Elena Gheorghe - Disco Romancing (Extended Mix)

"Elena Gheorghe is half Aromanian, half Ardelean and she comes from a family of priest and believes strongly that the most important thing in the world is her family. Has a sister, Ana, journalist, and a brother, Costin, the footballer of ‘Sportul Studentesc’. Her mother, Marioara Man George is a singer of popular music and the first, the one who inspired love for music. Only on 3 years she debuts on the popular music scene with her mother, George Marioara Man with the song ‘Sus in deal in poienita’. Sing along with her mother for the majority of events presented by Marioara Murarescu. In the fifth grade she joined the Children's National Palace, where she took singing lessons, then go with the Harmony Circle soloist who participates in many contests, tournaments around the country. In school she played handball and continued to follow her dream, to play ...  In 2000 won the gold trophy ‘Little Bear’ (Baia Mare) with ‘One moment in time’ by Whitney Houston. In 2001 she participate at the ‘Mamaia’ Festival interpreting the song ‘Give my life’, is even cadet festival (16 years), not just win an unforgettable experience but a girlfriend ... Adela Popescu, among which later formed the band "Viva".
Win the ‘Miss Cadet’ of the school music Dinu Lipatti, where studying acting and singing classes. In 2003 became the soloist of Mandinga band, a project that was to enjoy great success:
• 05.06.2003 • played in the opening of Rafaga band
• 26.06.2003 has launched the first album Mandinga - ‘De corazon’
• 2003-2005 playing with the Mandinga band in the show ‘A real man’ and is part of the jury;
• 22.07.2007 compete at the ‘Golden Stag’ (Brasov)
• 05.03.2005 come off 4th best to semi Eurovision with song ‘My sun’
• 2006 won Golden Disc album for ‘My sun’
• 27.01. 2006 opening her own dance school called ‘Passitos’
• February 2006 ending collaboration with Mandinga and starts another one with Cornel Ene (trombone), Laurentiu Duta (composer), Ana Gheorghe (pr) and Marius Mates (manager) to establish project ELENA
• March 2006 preset for instrumentalists who they had become colleagues
• May 2006 take her first video for the new project, Elena, the song Your Voice
• June 2006 launch of the first album solo career Your Voice, album that contains the super-hit My Sun
• 15.08. 2006 recital in the opening of Vaya Con Dios band
• 13.10. 2006 first edition ‘Dance for You’, where has the opposite Cornel Ogrean
• 20.11. 2006 big dance for the finals where she got the third place
• 01.02. take the 2007 Atlantis Studios video for ‘Your Brown Eyes’ song
• 11.03.2007 Win prize of Radio Romania Actualities for best performing in 2006 and is nominated at the Best Song of 2006 with the song Your Voice
• 05.08.2007-Romanian Top Hit Music Awards 2007 - "Your Brown Eyes" won the award for Best Song of 2007". Article source:

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