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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunfun feat. Adaggio - So Untrue (Original Mix)

"With every word and every smile
With every tear and every lie
With every night and every day
You changed my world in many ways
I don’t know what it was before
I have forgotten it all
You took my memories as you came
Only you’re to blame, only you’re to blame.

I don’t wanna know
That I lost it all
Just to find all that a dream
Open up my eyes
Wake me up, don’t lie
I wanna live forever real"

(Part of  "So Untrue" lyrics)

"Sunfun feat. Adaggio is a Romanian dance/club musical project created by 3 experienced producers to offer everyone their visions about how good music should sound like. Their first single, "So Untrue" was well received by the dance scene, and got radio support on many territories including Romania, Russia, Turkey, Cyprus and Greece. The song also benefitted from a very good remix done by Gino Manzotti, member of the famous Romanian dance act, DJ Project. In the spring of 2010, the band's second single named "I Feel Love" will be released." Article source: Sunfun & Adaggio on MySpace.

2 comentarii:

Bogdan Stanciu said...

perfect voice for the track

bsofei said...

Indeed, I can't imagine this track without that voice. It makes it special.

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