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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Andra - Abelia (Dj Yaang Extended Remix)

"My name is Andra. I was born in Campia Turzii, as well as at the gates of chance, in a music-loving family. My parents keep telling me that, before even being able to talk, I was humming the songs that they used to sing to me at that time. When I walked on the stage for the first time in my life, I looked like a dwarf from a fairytale, muffled in a traditional folk suit. The very first clapping made me feel taller, braver, bolder… I was simply a… grown woman, all of a sudden!

The spotlights, the microphones, the monitors, all that stuff made me dizzy, I definitely wasn’t going to confront again so many thrills. Once upon a time, a Chinese philosopher said: “A thousand-mile journey begins with a single step”. He was absolutely right. Then my first recordings were released, along with my first videos, and I had the first concerts, of course. I gradually got so many friends, I miraculously got used to the spotlights, and I learned to focus only on what really mattered: I had to sing in such a manner, so as the audience and my music would reach the same vibration. I had to find songs in which every human being might have discovered something belonging to their own soul. I never pay more attention to my clothes than to my music, I’m not that kind of singer. Every time I start singing, I only care about those power fluids that occur between me and the bystanders. As a matter of fact, I’ve never been arrogant and I’ve never been a hoary. I hate talking without actually saying something smart, something powerful. I never argue and I’m definitely not interested in scandals and gossip. I’m neither envious, nor haunted by pride. I love people from the bottom of my heart. I adore people who call me Andra. Andra Maruta." Article source:

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