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Friday, April 23, 2010

Omega - Mr. Vain (Perez Brothers Remix)

Size Matters:  Observations On Loudspeaker Directivity

"Trap boxes and line arrays get all the attention. And that’s no surprise - they’re big and loud, and dare I say it, glamorous. But the truck rarely rolls without a complement of two-way loudspeakers sporting a 12-inch or 15-inch woofer and a horn. Whether its monitor wedges, drum fill, front fill or just “speakers on sticks,” small 2-way boxes do many of the everyday jobs that make up a typical sound reinforcement day. We take the performance of these boxes for granted, but they can be used to better effect if we really understand their directivity characteristics and what makes them perform the way they do. They’re often described as a 90 by 60 box or some other dubious reference.

But 90 degrees by 60 degrees at what frequency? Certainly not from DC to light. There are four principle ingredients that govern the dispersion pattern of these loudspeakers, including the cone driver, horn, crossover and cabinet (...). Technology has gone a long way towards providing a ton of output and fidelity from small packages. But physics hasn’t changed. When it comes to pattern control, size still matters!" Full article available at:

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