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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sony Chan – Be A Star (Tiborg Remix)

Long time has gone since no special post to talk about. I'd like to make this one a little bit different, spice things up. It's about a singer born in Hong-Kong and brought up in Strasbourg, France. We're talking about a pretty girl with many hobbies, including art, interior design and fashion, beside music. What makes it special is her voice, pretty weird, I say. When I first heard "Be A Star", I thought it was a male singer. However, Sony Chan creates good impressions on her live performances, and that's mostly for that cristal-clear voice and her excentric look. Tiborg choosed wisely this track and made a very good remix.

"I grew up in Hong Kong, so I have been very much influenced by Canto-pop. The melody is very important to me, and I definitely love to dance and perform. Some professionals call my style glamourous et electronic. Let it be "GLAM ELECTRO", Sony Chan says. "I have always loved to perform since my childhood, but I used to be first an architect and after a fashion buyer. Two years ago, I met a wonderful friend who had become my producer. Roger always reminds me never to forget that I am unique. I guess we all are in a way"." Article source: Sony Chan on MySpace.

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